5 Most Common Uncovered RV Insurance Claims

5 Most Common Uncovered RV Insurance Claims

While insurance is highly beneficial to RV owners, there are several claims not covered by these policies. Knowledge of what is excluded from your RV insurance policy will allow you to prepare better.

Check out the list we compiled below of the most common uncovered insurance claims so that our clients know how to take proper precautions when such issues arise.


Most Common Uncovered RV Insurance Claims

General Wear & Tear

An RV insurance policy does not cover damage incurred due to frequent use. Some examples of wear and tear include non-accidental scratches, plumbing repairs, and trailer tire maintenance.

It may come in handy to learn how to fix and repair minor issues on your own. There are plenty of helpful How-To videos on YouTube that provide step-by-step instructions. Although, reaching out to a professional is always recommended if you cannot resolve a problem independently.

Freezing During Off-Season

Unfortunately, any damage caused by freezing is not covered under RV insurance. Therefore, if you fail to have your trailer properly winterized, you may have a surprise in the spring when re-opening your trailer. Water will also lead to mold issues which makes the uncovered claim worse!

It is essential for RV owners to make sure their vehicle is winterized during the off season. Whether you keep it indoors or outdoors, these steps are crucial to keep your RV functioning and in great condition for Spring. Check out our blog post on winter maintenance tips for more information.

Mold Damage

Mold can develop in damp areas with poor ventilation and progressively spread over time. It can occur due to untreated water damage like leaking, which is also an excluded claim.

The best approach is to contact a specialist if you encounter mold in your RV, mainly if you use it frequently. Sure, you can clean minor areas thoroughly with the proper materials. Still, it never hurts to consult an expert. Mold can slowly affect your RV’s air quality, which can cause detrimental effects to your physical health.

Renting Your RV

Many RV owners decide to rent out their vehicles to other travelers on platforms, such as Airbnb. It is an excellent way to make some extra cash and keeps your RV out of the garage. Although, damage caused while renting your RV to others is an exclusion.

So, you may want to think twice before renting out your RV since you will not be protected if any issues arise while you are not present.

Water Damage

From winter storms to heavy rainfall, it is inevitable that your vehicle will encounter water damage at some point. These types of issues, including leakage and seepage, are not covered by RV insurance.

Taking the appropriate precautions during extreme weather is one way to avoid any problems. You should try to keep your RV indoors or covered and consistently check for damage after storms. Although, if you come across leaks, attempt to fix the problem on your own or hire a professional for optimal results.


How to Get an RV Insurance Quote

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