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Park Model Trailers

Park Model Trailers are seasonally occupied. They are manufactured offsite and are transported to campground to be permanently parked once wheel structure is removed- chassis is not removed. Generally not more than 45 feet in length and 12 feet in width. Normally have decks, porches, additional rooms added to the structure and a shingled roof. Make sure to include these additional features in the value when quoting.

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Recreational Travel Trailers

These types of trailers are towed behind vehicles and transient with owner visiting multiple parks throughout summer season. Sizes can vary in length from 10’ to 40’. If permanently parked at a site, further discounts may apply.

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Fifth Wheel Trailers

A fifth wheel trailer is a special kind of recreational vehicle towed behind a car or pickup using a special something called a ‘fifth wheel’ hitch. For the most part, fifth wheel trailers are spacious, sturdy, and easy to handle. They can house up to a capacity of 8 people and are generally between 20 to 40 feet long. Be sure to disclose the details of your fifth wheel trailer when quoting.

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Boat Insurance Coverage

Boats and Personal Watercraft

Boats and personal watercraft are popular forms of recreation and transportation. Boats are used for many reasons including fishing, exploring, water skiing, or cruising around. Personal watercraft (PWC), such as Jet Skis and Sea-Doos, offer a fast and agile way to get around the water and to have fun. By following safety guidelines, both offer an exciting way to experience the water. Boats come in many different types and sizes, when requesting an insurance quote, be sure to describe your boat in detail.

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