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6 Tips for Mitigating RV Theft in Ontario

Ontario RV owners love to camp – there’s no doubt about that. We love our RVs, where they can take…

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Handling “Wildfire Season” While Travelling with Your Camper Trailer

Wildfires are becoming an increasingly common occurrence throughout much of Canada, especially in Western BC. While human activity is the…

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How Much Are the Insurance Costs on a Park Model Trailer?

Do you own a park model trailer, or perhaps you’re considering purchasing one? Park model trailers aren’t just like any…

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Camping in Alberta? Here’s How to Save Money

Camping isn’t always a low-cost endeavour, especially when you’re unprepared. You’ll have to pay for your campsite passes, which can…

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An RVers Guide to Camping in British Columbia

Planning a camping trip, for many, is easy. We’ve done it before, we know what inventory to bring along, which…

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A “Snowbird” 101: How to Insure Your Trailer if You Snowbird

For those who live in Alberta most of the year but opt to either tow their trailer south of the…

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