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Ensure that your recreational trailer is sufficiently covered by working with an insurance broker from RecProtect. We specialize in all things recreational insurance, so you can be satisfied in knowing that your vehicle’s insurance is in safe hands. Get a free quote with us in as little as thirty seconds.

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Looking to Insure a Recreational Trailer?

Having the right recreational trailer insurance is just as important as having the right vehicle for your next adventure. Recreational trailers are amazing because of the life they allow us to live and we certainly would not want to lose that opportunity. Ensure that your travel plans are secure by having specialized recreational trailer insurance that covers all your important assets.

Enter RecProtect. Our experts help review your insurance with you so that it is understandable and eliminates the need for guesswork. For when you need professional assistance, our team can find you insurance products that work for your travel vehicle of choice. If you are looking for a quick quote, RecProtect can get you what you need. Get started with us today.

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Recreational Trailer Information

How is a recreational trailer different from an ordinary trailer? The recreational trailer is the most common trailer in Canada. These vehicles are designed to be towed by another vehicle and used for vacationing/camping purposes. Sizes vary in length between 10-40 feet. The quality of amenities (some can be very luxurious while others are more economical). Most include living areas with bathrooms, dining and sleeping. Popular Recreational Trailer Makes are: Jayco, Sonic, Coleman, Forest River. Ensure that you inform your recreational trailer insurance broker of what model you are using when getting your vehicle insured.

What Does RecProtect Recreational Trailer Insurance Cover?

Below is a brief summary of the different components that may be included in your recreational trailer insurance and can help cover your vehicle for a wide range of different exposures that you could find yourself facing on your next adventure. Many of the listed coverages are mandated by law in Canada or are highly recommended by insurance providers. Chat with one of our friendly RecProtect experts if you have any questions concerning what is covered under your recreational trailer insurance.

Physical Damage Coverage

One primary exposure would be collision while towing your fifth wheel/recreational trailer. Regardless of third party coverages, your own provider will be covering the costs of damages incurred while involved in an accident. For most claims not deemed “collision” while on the road, there is a wide variety of coverages still present such as fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, snowload etc.

Bodily Injury Liability

Unfortunately, accidents do happen no matter the steps we take to mitigate our chances. If you find yourself in a situation where you have caused bodily injury to a third party while operating your recreational trailer and are held liable, this coverage may be able to help. This coverage may help cover the costs of the injured party’s medical bills and loss of income, if applicable.

Property Damage Liability

If you are found liable for causing damage to a third party’s vehicle or property, this coverage may help cover the costs you incur. Both property damage liability and bodily injury liability are mandated by law in Canada and it is illegal to operate your recreational trailer without carrying these essential coverages.

Medical Payments

This coverage is included in your recreational trailer insurance policy and may help cover the costs of any medical bills you or your passengers incur following an insured accident.

RecProtect Recreational Vehicle Insurance Endorsement Options

Because recreational vehicles can be very different from one another, it is important that you get coverage which works for your particular trailer model. In certain cases, an insurance endorsement may be necessary to guarantee that there are no glaring holes in your protection. RecProtect provides a variety of different recreational vehicle insurance endorsements, but if you are not sure exactly what you need you can ask one of our experts. RecProtect’s recreational trailer insurance brokers can chat with you about what endorsements may help supplement your policy best. Below are a few endorsement options we offer.

Replacement Costs

While some of your costs may be covered under your home insurance, this endorsement prevents you from having to affect your future rates by helping pay out for the cost of replacements following an insured loss.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

What would happen if you needed to make an emergency stop on the side of the road as a result of a malfunction? This endorsement may help cover emergency help expenses if you find yourself in this situation. The following services may be included in this coverage: jumpstarts, tows, tire changes and additional fuel. Also, this coverage can help cover you for trip interruption expenses as long as you are a certain distance away from home.

Towing & Trip Interruption Expenses

Should something happen during your trip, this endorsement may help cover the costs of labour and towing, as well as a number of reasonable expenses you may incur as a result of an unforeseen interruption. This may include temporary housing, meals and transportation.

RecProtect Quick Recreational Trailer Insurance Quotes

Insurance for your recreational vehicle does not have to be overcomplicated or require you to answer a hundred questions just to get a quote. With RecProtect, you can get a free quote in less than thirty seconds and bind your coverage for your recreational trailer in just a couple minutes. Gone are the days where you would have to wait for days just to bind your coverage; now you can hit the open road and get started on your next adventure as soon as possible! In Canada, our recreational vehicles mean a great deal to us because of what they allow us to do. Ensure that your vehicle is sufficiently covered against any unforeseen losses by having the proper recreational trailer insurance.

RecProtect takes great customer service a step further. We offer more than just your cookie-cutter insurance program. You can select from a wide range of different insurance products in order to guarantee that you get exactly what you need when it comes to coverage. Discuss with a RecProtect insurance broker today about your recreational trailer insurance or get a free quote at no obligation.

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