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Fifth wheel trailers are not like every other recreational vehicle out there on the market. Ensure your fifth wheel is sufficiently insured by working with RecProtect. We don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Get a free quote with us today.

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Looking to Insure a Fifth Wheel Trailer?

Are you looking to insure a fifth wheel trailer? If so, RecProtect can help. We know the difference between every and all unique trailer makes available in Canada, making it easy for us to help find you the insurance coverage you need for your recreational vehicle. Fifth wheel trailers are not the same as your average camper, making it essential that you acquire special insurance in order to ensure that you have all your assets adequately protected.

Our process makes it so that getting the insurance you require is easy and erases the need for any guesswork. Our experts are professionals when it comes to finding insurance products that suit your needs and will design a package accordingly for the type of recreational vehicle you use. Looking for a quote but don’t want to answer an endless amount of questions? No worries. RecProtect gets you what you need. Get started with us today!

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Fifth Wheel Trailer Information

What is a fifth wheel trailer? Typically a fifth wheel trailer is a U shaped hitch coupling that is hitched up to the back of a towing vehicle (often a pickup truck) to haul a trailer. The trailer gets its name thanks to the hitch that connects it to the tow vehicle. Did you know that in the 1800s old carriages had horizontal wheels which allowed their front axel to pivot? The name for this design has continued its use into the modern day for the pickup truck hitch. The fifth wheel trailer is very popular due to the safety of its hitch design and its sturdiness. This means that the hitch can tow relatively heavy loads. Since fifth wheel trailers tend to be much sturdier than most other campers and recreational vehicles they can be manufactured with far heavier material and can offer more luxurious materials and features.

What Does RecProtect Fifth Wheel Trailer Insurance Cover?

We detail the following coverages to help you better understand what is included in your fifth wheel trailer insurance and what may help cover you for a wide variety of exposures you could find yourself facing while away from home with your recreational vehicle. In Canada, much of the following you are required to carry by law. If you are not sure whether or not something is covered in your policy, discuss with a RecProtect fifth wheel trailer insurance broker. Our experts are always willing to help.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you get in an accident while operating your fifth wheel trailer and a third party is injured, you may be found legally liable. In this case, this coverage may help come into effect to help you from having to foot the bill for any medical bills or loss of income expenses.

Property Damage Liability

In the event that you cause damage to a third party’s vehicle or property while operating your fifth wheel trailer, this coverage may help pay for some or all of the costs you incur. Both bodily injury liability and property damage liability are required by law in Canada and you cannot operate a vehicle without carrying these essential coverages first.

Physical Damage Coverage

One primary exposure would be collision while towing your fifth wheel/recreational trailer. Regardless of third party coverages, your own provider will be covering the costs of damages incurred while involved in an accident. For most claims not deemed “collision” while on the road, there is a wide variety of coverages still present such as fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, snowload etc.

Medical Payments

If you should be involved in an insured accident, this mandatory coverage may help reimburse you for the costs of you and your passengers’ medical expenses.

RecProtect Fifth Wheel Trailer Insurance Endorsement Options

Your fifth wheel trailer has got to be as sturdy as they come in order to keep up with your lifestyle. In some cases, that may mean you need to contemplate the benefit of some fifth wheel insurance endorsements in order to ensure that everything is sufficiently covered. For your benefit, RecProtect offers a variety of different fifth wheel trailer insurance endorsements. A RecProtect fifth wheel trailer insurance broker can also help discuss with you what may help add an extra layer of protection to your policy if you are unsure of where to start. Below we have broken down a few of the optional fifth wheel trailer insurance endorsement options.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself in need of some additional fuel, a tow, tire change, or even a jumpstart, this endorsement can reimburse you for the expenses that this kind of emergency assistance may cost you. In addition, this coverage may also spare you from having to pay trip interruption expenses if you are at a certain distance away from home.

Towing & Trip Interruption Expenses

If your recreational vehicle should break down on the side of the road, this endorsement may help cover you for the costs of towing and labour. This coverage may also include protection for several trip interruption expenses such as temporary housing, transportation, and meals during the time that your fifth wheel trailer is away for repairs.

Replacement Costs

Based on certain parameters, you may be eligible for replacement cost coverage. In the event of a total loss, with a replacement cost on the policy, your claim will be based on the cost of buying a brand new unit of the same kind and quality. Depreciation would not be applied to the loss.

RecProtect Quick Fifth Wheel Trailer Insurance Quotes

RecProtect makes it easy to get insurance for your recreational vehicle of choice. Whatever you operate, we can get you a quote in less than 30 seconds and allow you to bind your coverage in just a few minutes. With RecProtect, you no longer have to wait days in order to receive coverage and are able to hit the open road as soon as you want to once you are ready for your next adventure. Recreational vehicles are a huge hit in Canada – and for good reason. They allow us to do so much and create so many new memories. Protect yourself against any unforeseen losses by having the right fifth wheel trailer insurance coverage.

We take it a step further. In order to get precisely what you want, RecProtect offers a multitude of different insurance options so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Discuss with a RecProtect insurance broker today about your fifth wheel trailer or get a free quote with us!

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