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Why Get Travel Trailer Insurance?

For whatever reason you use a trailer, whether it’s for a brief getaway or you travel with it on more of a full-time basis, you need travel trailer insurance.  

The most popular kind of RV in Canada is a travel trailer or a recreational trailer. These vehicles are manufactured to be towed behind a car, truck, or other automobiles and are often used for camping or vacationing.  

Some Canadians can’t imagine their life without the use of a recreational vehicle. They’re just that popular! 

On average, your typical travel trailer is roughly 20 feet long, but these sizes can vary up and down depending on the model of trailer you tow and the style.  

Some trailers have a luxurious range of amenities, whereas others have a much more economical selection.  

Your average travel trailer may include dining areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms. In Canada, some of the popular travel trailer models include Forest River, Coleman, Jayco, and Sonic. 

So now you can see that getting a travel trailer is no cheap purchase and is more like a long-term investment, and you need to protect it with travel trailer insurance. 

RecProtect has all your trailers covered. Enjoy quality travel trailer insurance in Ontario, British Columbia, or Alberta with the help of a RecProtect trailer insurance broker.  

We offer all types of optional coverage so that you can get insurance for your recreational vehicle that sufficiently protects against any and all risks it may face. 

In less than 30 seconds, we can get you a free trailer insurance quote online with no obligation. Apply today and get started on your insurance as soon as possible. 

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Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage: How It Helps 

What does your travel trailer insurance cover?  

Your average travel trailer policy may generally protect you for things like: 

  • Sewer backup and overland water 
  • Contents within the trailer 
  • Emergency Vacation Expense 
  • Lock replacements 
  • …and more 
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Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage

1. Water Protection Endorsement

A basic travel trailer insurance policy will have coverage for water damage caused by common issues but will not cover things like water damage caused by sewer backup and overland water.

You can add the optional coverage of water damage caused by sewer backup and overland water to your policy for extra protection or even take it further and get coverage for when any water goes into your trailer and causes damage.

Your travel trailer insurance policy can cover water entering your trailer due to things like torrential rainfall or spring thaw as well as overflow from lakes or rivers, and any accidental water entering through the foundation or basement walls.

What your RV trailer insurance policy may NOT cover is floods from tidal waves or tsunamis, as well as intentional water breaches.

2. Replacement Cost Plus Endorsement

This coverage gives you not only the cost of a replacement travel trailer after a claim but also an additional amount for compensation.

3. Guaranteed Replacement Cost Endorsement

As for this RV trailer insurance coverage, it can give you a new model of a travel trailer when you receive a replacement after a covered claim, even if it costs more than your previous model! 

4. Owners and Renters Protection

If you own your RV and looking to either use it for commercial purposes or to rent it out and make extra cash, you’ll need extra coverage to protect you. 

Some RV owners like to list their RV to be rented on platforms such as Outdoorsy, which requires an extra RV rental network endorsement. 

You should also look for coverage with third-party liability insurance, accident benefits, collision, and comprehensive insurance to include in your travel trailer insurance policy. 

5. Premises Liability Trailer Insurance

To protect you from having to pay the potentially hefty costs that arise from legal action pertaining to any bodily injury or property damage that you cause while using your trailer, premises liability trailer insurance is a must and sometimes not included in other policies.  

Discuss with your trailer insurance broker the benefits of this endorsement to see if you may need it. 

6. Emergency Vacation Expense Trailer Insurance

This coverage is automatically included in the policy to assist you with the costs of renting another trailer to continue your holiday if you happen to have a claim.  

To find out more about this coverage, a trailer insurance broker should be able to answer all your questions and break down this endorsement for your understanding. 

7. Snowbird Endorsement Trailer Insurance

If you happen to be one of those people who use their trailer as a primary residence in Canada and then fly south for the winter, we can insure your liability and contents while off-premises!  

Most people are unaware or improperly insured due to this exposure. Discuss with your trailer insurance broker for more information regarding this coverage as certain conditions apply. 

8. U.S. Exposure Endorsement

This additional coverage option gives you protection when you are traveling in the USA and lasts up to 180 days. 

9. Emergency Roadside Service

You never know when you’ll get in trouble on the road and need help getting towed or transported to your destination. 

Having coverage for emergency roadside assistance can come in handy for covering the costs of this kind of service on the road and save you time and money. 

A RecProtect travel trailer insurance broker will be able to help you navigate your policy’s fine print and will lay out for you what your travel trailer insurance does and does not include.  

 They may also be able to determine whether your policy leaves any gaps and can suggest coverage options that could be of benefit to you.  

Start getting your trailer insured with a trailer insurance online quote – free from RecProtect.  

 It is our motivation to make RV trailer insurance as simple as possible and we know how tedious it can be to answer hundreds of questions and wait for days to bind your coverage.  

So, we have reinvented the way that you can get recreational trailer insurance in Canada. We make coverage easy to get.  

Just apply for a travel trailer insurance quote in less than 30 seconds and get your coverage in a matter of minutes.  

Buy it, insure it, and enjoy it immediately.  

Types of Travel Trailers in Canada 

There are many different types of trailers in Canada that serve all kinds of different purposes. Not every trailer is your run-of-the-mill tow-behind sitting in wait for your next camping trip.  

There are so many trailers out there nowadays which makes getting travel trailer insurance rather complex. Too many trailers nowadays wind up being insured improperly as a result and can even charge you way too much premium.  

RecProtect simplifies it – we know the differences between each unit and what they need to be protected from specifically.  

Here is a list of some of the trailers that RecProtect can insure: 

Didn’t see your trailer model or type? If you do not see the type of trailer that you own in the list above, give us a call and we will see what we can do for you. 

Areas We Serve

We provide trailer insurance to all recreational vehicle owners in the following areas:

Travel Trailer Insurance Ontario

Our travel trailer insurance in Ontario guarantees the safety of your trailer, no matter if you’re travelling or parked at the trailer park.


Travel Trailer Insurance Alberta

We offer travel trailer insurance in Alberta including all the smaller and major cities. Don’t leave on your journey without it!


Travel Trailer Insurance British Columbia

Get travel trailer insurance anywhere in BC for your outdoor adventures and ensure worry-free exploration across the province.

British Columbia

Don’t see your city on the list? If you live in Ontario, British Columbia, or Alberta and your area is not listed above, be sure to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

RecProtect provides our clients with the opportunity to get a real-time recreational trailer insurance quote in under a minute. Our recreational insurance isn’t overcomplicated and we even offer premium discounts for preferred parks across Canada.

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