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Tent trailers or Pop-up campers are perfect for those who want a comfortable place to sleep with space and versatility as they enjoy the great outdoors. Smaller and lighter than traditional RVs and travel trailers, pop-up campers can be towed by trucks or smaller SUVs. To get the most out of your next vacation or trip with a tent trailer, obtaining adequate insurance coverage is essential. With the right insurance policy, you can safeguard your travel plans and protect your trailer as you discover new places or spend time in nature!

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If you have been looking for excellent pop-up camper insurance, look no further than RecProtect. Our unique insurance packages specialize in tent trailers and pop-up campers! Using an advanced insurance calculator, we can help you effortlessly find coverage that will give you the best possible protection while vacationing or travelling. With peace of mind knowing that you and your trailer are covered in case of unforeseen problems, seeking adventure on the open road will be all the more enjoyable. Call or fill out a quick form online to get your free insurance quote today.

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All About Tent Trailers and Pop-Up Campers

Tent trailers, also commonly known as pop-up campers or folding trailers, are multi-functional, compact, and streamlined. Often, these campers are quite spacious, considering how compact their dimensions are when folded up for storage or travel purposes. These trailers can be expanded to give you lots of space to sleep and hang out while camping, travelling, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Because these pop-up trailers are smaller and lighter than traditional campers and RVs, they let people unlock new outdoor experiences and enhance their travels without weighing down their vehicles significantly. When not in use, the roof of these campers will lower down and fold up to reduce overall height and make towing easier.

Tent Trailer Features

• Usually easy and fast to set up and use
• Tend to be a more affordable option than other campers and RVs
• Have a collapsible design that makes them easy to store and transport
• More compact, lighter weight, and less effort to tow compared to traditional travel trailers
• Tend to have smaller interior spaces, less storage capacity, and fewer amenities than full-size or permanent campers and RVs

What to Know When Searching for Good Tent Trailer Insurance Coverage?

Tent trailer insurance coverage can help protect you from a range of potential risks that may arise as you travel, store your trailer, or camp outdoors. When the unexpected happens, having adequate pop-up camper coverage can help you cover the costs of damages, protect your interests, and more. With our pop-up camper insurance, you will have more financial security and peace of mind, no matter what may lie ahead. At RecProtect, our customer service works with you to ensure you get the proper insurance for your unique travel trailer make and model. Using our online trailer insurance calculator can further simplify getting insured!

If You Own a Tent Trailer or Pop-Up Camper, Getting Adequate Insurance Coverage is Always Smart

Since you never know what might happen while travelling or embarking on a vacation, protecting your assets and safeguarding your trailer is a smart move. Few people expect anything to go seriously wrong while planning their travels. However, accidents can and do happen, often at the worst possible times. By adequately insuring your pop-up camper, you can hit the road knowing that you, your camper, and its contents are covered no matter what the future holds!

Getting Pop-Up Camper Insurance Can Be Easy

Some people are concerned that obtaining an adequate insurance policy for their pop-up camper will be difficult. The good news is that with RecProtect, getting exact quotes for recreational vehicles, including tent trailers, is fast and easy! With advanced calculation tools and skilled representatives ready to offer you exceptional service online or over the phone, you can simplify the insurance process and remove the stress from protecting your tent trailer.

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What Does RecProtect Tent Trailer Insurance Cover?

Pop-up camper Insurance can cover you from a range of potential risks that may take place on vacation, during storage, or while travelling in general. Here are a few things that RecProtect tent trailer insurance covers. To learn more or find out which coverage options might work best for your unique situation, contact the team at RecProtect.

Camper Trailer Property Protection

This type of protection safeguards your pop-up camper and its contents against vandalism, theft, and other types of damage. It can also help with the cost of repairs or replacements.

Personal Injury Liability

If you are in an accident that causes someone to get injured, personal injury liability pop-up camper insurance can assist with things like lost wages, medical expenses, and even legal defence fees. This type of insurance is essential if you plan to ever take your pop-up trailer out of the driveway.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability tent trailer insurance can cover an array of damages to other people’s property. This insurance may also pay the cost of legal fees, repairs, or replacements.

Medical Expenses

Medical expense coverage for a pop-up camper will cover the medical costs if someone is injured on your property or by your trailer, regardless of the person at fault.

Emergency Road Service Expenses

If your tent trailer breaks down or becomes immobile during travel, this coverage can take care of the costs of emergency services like towing.

Loss of Use

This kind of insurance can cover the temporary living costs and rental fees for a substitute trailer. The coverage limit is $2,000 for any singular incident.

Adding Additional Coverage Options to Your Tent Trailer or Pop-Up Camper

There are also certain additional coverage options which may help protect you under specific circumstances. For example, debris removal protection can come in handy after an accident or if your trailer is damaged beyond repair. However, the cost of these services and plans can vary. To determine which options may apply to your unique needs, you can always contact us and speak to one of our helpful representatives!

What is the Average Cost to Insure a Pop-Up Camper?

The average cost to get insurance on a tent trailer usually runs from $200-$350 annually. Costs are determined by the chosen coverage options, the cost of the trailer, and the deductible. To find out the exact cost of coverage for your camper, you can use our online calculator!

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Having adequate pop-up camper insurance coverage is essential. After all, you never know what can happen when you venture out on the open road! Have you been looking for the best insurance options for your tent trailer or pop-up camper? Getting a fast, accurate, and free quote from RecProtect is easy.

RecProtect simplifies every stage of getting trailer insurance. We offer a quick quote form that can be filled out easily online so that you can request your quote with no stress or obligation! Our hassle-free processes and commitment to exceptional customer service make us a leader in tent and pop-up camper insurance. Contact our team today to find out more to get your free pop-up camper insurance quote now!

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