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Your trailer can be your escape from the urban rush of Toronto by offering a quiet, relaxing outdoor retreat. Make unforgettable memories as you explore campgrounds in gorgeous scenic settings from Sauble Beach to Algonquin Provincial Park! With exceptional insurance coverage, you can hit the road with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered no matter what adventures are in store. RecProtect offers coverage for the unpredictable Canadian wilderness and rough terrains. Get comprehensive insurance protection for your trailer and enjoy a sense of true freedom in the great outdoors with more confidence and less stress!

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RecProtect Offers The Best Toronto Trailer Insurance

Have you been looking for the best trailer insurance in Toronto? If so, you can trust RecProtect to assist you at every stage of your journey, safeguarding your trailer, RV, camper, and its contents, as you explore! When you choose RecProtect recreation insurance for trailers, you can select customized coverage packages for various types of trailers, ensuring you get the necessary protection for your property without any unnecessary costs. Our goal is to make getting insurance simple and fast, offering real-time quotes and providing clear information about our policies and claim processes. Get your free insurance quote now and enjoy outstanding customer service from our skilled team!

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Why Choose RecProtect Insurance for Your Boat

We make getting trailer and RV insurance as simple as possible. Our recreational trailer insurance experts can help you find affordable pricing and comprehensive policies with flexible options!

  • Our skilled team of experts in recreational trailer insurance can answer your questions and walk you through the policy plan.
  • We work hard to provide fast, accurate quotes and offer affordable pricing for every budget.
  • With satisfied customers from all over Canada and straightforward policies, you can trust our insurance brokerage team with all of your coverage needs.
  • Select from an array of comprehensive and flexible insurance options.
  • RecProtect has great customer service for support and claims.
  • Get your quote in just a few minutes with an easy-to-use online cost calculator.
  • At RecProtect, we are fully committed to building long-lasting, trust-based relationships with clients.

When the time comes to get your recreational vehicle insured, RecProtect is an optimal choice for unmatched expertise, trustworthiness, and peace of mind. You can rely on our Toronto trailer insurance professionals to help you find the best coverage options for your unique needs!

Trailer Insurance in Toronto

Find the perfect policy for your trailer and get RV insurance with customizable coverage options from RecProtect!

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We offer all-around security with our comprehensive coverage policies, protecting your trailer from issues ranging from theft to weather damage. With a financial safety net around your trailer, its contents, and any accessories, we make unforeseen events become a non-issue.

  • Provides trailer coverage for theft of your trailer
  • Protects your trailer against intentional vandalism
  • Insurance coverage for damage caused by extreme weather events, such as hail, floods, or windstorms
  • Coverage from non-collision incidents like falling objects

Collision Coverage

Accidents happen. However, just because you are involved in a collision does not mean you have to absorb all the costs. Safeguard your trailer with collision coverage and head out on the road with confidence.

  • Covers damages from collisions with other vehicles or trailers
  • Includes insurance for damages resulting from collisions with obstacles or debris on the road
  • Covers damage to the trailer’s contents if they are affected during a collision
  • Provides coverage for collisions with stationary objects like walls, posts, barriers, etc.

Liability Coverage

You never know when an accident is going to happen and the expenses from a collision can add up rapidly. That’s why liability coverage is so essential if you plan to take a trailer or RV out of your driveway.

  • Coverage for injuries caused to others in an accident involving your trailer
  • Coverage for property damage caused to others by your trailer
  • Pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages resulting from such incidents

Loss of Use Coverage

Whether you need an alternative means of transportation or a rental trailer, loss-of-use coverage can be incredibly helpful.

  • Provides financial support for renting a temporary and substitute trailer
  • Offers compensation for alternate transportation costs when the trailer is crucial for everyday tasks
  • Reimburses extra expenses, such as lodging and dining, if the trailer serves as a travel or residential unit

Emergency Towing and Assistance

You never know when you are going to break down on a long trip. Emergency towing and assistance insurance coverage can safeguard you from all sorts of tricky roadside situations.

  • Includes payment for emergency towing of your trailer
  • Covers expenses for urgent services such as tire replacements, battery assistance, and locksmith support
  • Provides roadside assistance for breakdowns and other urgent roadside situations

Medical Payments

Medical payment insurance can protect your wallet from an array of unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

  • Provides coverage for the medical costs brought on by physical injuries incurred while transporting the trailer
  • Offers coverage for medical expenses that were not included in other health insurance plans
  • Includes the cost of ambulance transportation following an incident involving the trailer

Personal Effects/Equipment Coverage

Protect your belongings and equipment with personal effects and equipment coverage!

  • Insures your personal belongings contained within your trailer
  • Coverage for camping equipment, electronics, and other personal items stored in the trailer
  • Offers a maximum coverage limit of $500 per item, or an amount aligned with the policy’s specified limit

Salvage Coverage

Salvage coverage can also be incredibly helpful, especially in the event of a collision or breakdown.

  • Provides for the cost associated with removing the trailer following an accident or breakdown
  • Includes potential coverage for repairs after the trailer has been salvaged
  • Potential coverage for cleanup and restoration if needed due to damage

Trailer Insurance Coverage Across Ontario

With so much to do and see in Canada, your RV can unlock a world of natural splendour. Are you ready to get on the road and begin your adventure? RecProtect is here to help! No matter where you are located in Ontario, our comprehensive trailer and RV insurance coverage policies give you flexible options to help you safeguard your property and explore with confidence. If you are ready to find affordable trailer insurance in Toronto now, get a free quote from RecProtect online or contact our skilled team to learn more! We offer protection in every corner of the province including:

Frequently Asked Questions about Trailer Insurance in Toronto

Depending on the trailer, the average cost of trailer insurance in Toronto is about $350 to $500 per year. This price can vary based on different factors such as the trailer type, the value of the trailer, its intended use, and the insurance coverage options you choose.

Yes, our trailer insurance generally covers your content in your trailer related to its use and operation such as built-in accessories, furnishings, and permanently attached equipment. However, items that are business-related, certain electronics, jewelry, and collectibles, will not be covered. For a full list of content that is covered you can contact one of our insurance representatives.

When it comes to the cost of your trailer and its contents, travel trailer insurance is relatively affordable, especially when compared to the potential costs of damage or loss. Factors like the value of the trailer, its size, and type of coverage can affect the cost, but on average the monthly premiums are around $35.

As long as your RV is not motorized, you don’t need to have insurance for your trailer in Toronto or across Ontario. Having trailer insurance is for your protection, as it covers you for liability, damages, and potential losses. While not legally required, we highly recommended trailer owner get insurance for financial security.

Yes, our trailer insurance policy will cover your golf cart when it is used at your trailer park. Under our “Special Limit of Insurance” section of our trailer insurance policy, golf carts can be insured up to $5,000.

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