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We love our recreational trailers here in Ontario. Our province has so many different opportunities when it comes to camping, vacationing and road-tripping as it is home to a wide range of parks and popular sites. But planning a new adventure is a lot of work! Your travel plans wouldn’t come to fruition without your recreational vehicle. Living in Niagara Falls, we love our trailers. They allow us to make so many memories and because of this, they are some of our most prized possessions. You don’t need to worry about anything happening to your trailer when you have the right trailer insurance in Niagara Falls to help cover your investments.

As amazing as our province is, it isn’t risk-free. We face all kinds of potential exposures no matter where it is in the world we live and it always helps to be prepared. Insurance providers highly recommend that you acquire the right kind of right trailer insurance in Niagara Falls to ensure that your assets are protected and that your trip – no pun intended – can go off without a hitch. Trust in RecProtect’s quality programs for trailer insurance. Niagara Falls trailer owners need only concern themselves with the details of their coming up trip!

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How is Trailer Insurance in Niagara Falls Different?

You might be wondering, what makes a recreational vehicle a trailer? Trailers differ immensely depending on their particular make and model, but you should know: trailer insurance in Niagara Falls is essential to guarantee that there is a financial safety net in place for your trailer should something unexpected occur. In the province of Ontario, we recreational vehicle owners love our trailers, and for all the right reasons. Our trailers let us to do so much. A trailer is a vehicle that is designed to be pulled by another vehicle and includes a selection of diverse facilities living areas, dining areas, bathrooms, and sleeping spaces. Trailers can be anywhere between 8 feet and 40 feet in length and some of the more popular models include the following: Jayco, Sonic, Coleman, and Forest River. Ensure that you inform your trailer insurance broker in Niagara Falls about your trailer’s model and/or make.

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Trailer Insurance Coverage in Niagara Falls: A Guide

Trailer insurance coverage in Niagara Falls is essential for providing you with a financial safety net for your trailer should anything happen to it or you are held liable for damages or bodily injury to a third party. Here at RecProtect, however, we know that trailer insurance in Niagara Falls can sometimes be difficult to understand fully. In order to assist you better, we have compiled a list below of all the different coverages which may be included in your policy. These coverages can be a massive help for an array of different exposures you face both on the road and off. Keep in mind that much of what is detailed below is required either by provincial law, highly recommended by insurance providers or both. Chat today with a RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Niagara Falls if you aren’t sure what is covered or if you need further assistance breaking down your policy.

If you need a more personal touch when it comes to your insurance, know that RecProtect specializes in one-on-one services. A trailer insurance broker in Niagara Falls from RecProtect can be one of your biggest assets in terms of recreational vehicle insurance. We not only get you coverage that matches all your requirements but we can sit down with you and provide you insight on all the ways you can save money on your coverage.


Accidents are called “accidents” for good reason: they can happen just about anywhere at any time. Comprehensive coverage can help cover you from a range of exposures, including falling objects, fires, storms, other natural disasters, vandalism, and theft. (Keep in mind that if your vehicle is a rental you will typically be required to provide proof of this coverage.) Your vehicle isn’t always secure when it’s stationed!

Medical Payments

This coverage may already be listed on your Niagara Falls trailer insurance policy as it is a huge help when it comes to having to pay off any medical bills incurred by either you or your passengers in a collision or an accident. This coverage may be able to help from any losses as a result of an insured exposure.

Bodily Injury Liability

In Ontario, both bodily injury liability and property damage liability are required and it is illegal to drive your trailer without them. There is no way we can possibly prepare ourselves one hundred percent for every possible exposure. Bodily injury liability may help cover your expenses should you cause injury to a third party – such as their medical bills or even loss of income.


In Ontario, “no-fault” insurance means that your provider may help you cover the cost of repairs or replacements for your own vehicle, no matter who caused a collision. This coverage is typically required by renting companies and can help to assist with the cost of repairs or replacements from damages to your recreational vehicle in a collision with another vehicle or an object.

Property Damage Liability

This coverage, like bodily injury liability, is required by Ontario law and you must acquire it before operating your vehicle. With property damage liability you may have coverage for the cost of damages you incur to someone else’s vehicle or property while operating your trailer.

Let RecProtect Find You Trailer Insurance Quotes in Niagara Falls

Insurance is too complicated to only be a sidelined thought for your next adventure. Recreational trailer insurance is important when it comes to protecting your most valued assets. RecProtect’s team of experts are always willing and ready to help you when it comes to better understanding your trailer insurance coverage in Niagara Falls so that you can get everything you need. After all, you’re spending enough time already plotting out your next adventure – finding a quote shouldn’t eat up hours of your time, sloughing through a bunch of questions when RecProtect can find you a quote in less than a minute. Rest easy knowing that your insurance is in great hands.

At RecProtect, customer service is essential to us. We never expect you to settle for a just “average” insurance policy so never expect that you’ll get one! We offer a wide range of different insurance products so you can select which one works for you, your lifestyle, and your particular needs. Talk with a member of our team today and start working with a trailer insurance broker in Niagara Falls to see just what we can do for you to protect your trailer.

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