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Do you have any plans for your next adventure or have you had one in the works for some time now? Is the trailer that you plan on using yours or are you renting it? No matter the case, your travel plans wouldn’t be possible without the use of a recreational vehicle like your trailer. In Aurora, Ontario, our recreational vehicles are so important to us thanks to what they allow us to do. Your coming up trip surely depends on the sanctity of your trailer and if something unexpected were to happen there is a chance your travel plans may fall apart. This is when having the right trailer insurance in Aurora comes in handy.

In the province of Ontario there are many different locations and opportunities to start on a new adventure. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you acquire enough trailer insurance in Aurora in order to keep you and your family’s peace of mind up to par and ensure your assets are covered. With the help of RecProtect, you can guarantee that your next adventure will go as smoothly as possible with our quality programs for trailer insurance. Aurora is an amazing place for the beginning of your next adventure so you will want to be sure that there are no problems.

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What is Trailer Insurance in Aurora?

What makes a recreational vehicle a trailer? We’ll break it down for you: trailer insurance in Aurora is vital to making sure that there is financial protection in place for your trailer. In the province of Ontario, we treasure our trailers thanks to their versatility and what they let us do. There are so many trailers out there – most of which that are made to be towed by other vehicles via a hitch and can help out when it comes to vacations and road trips. The length of your trailer may vary anywhere from 8 feet to 40 feet and can have plenty of different amenities, including dining areas, living areas, bathrooms, and sleeping spaces. Many of the more popular trailer models include the following: Coleman, Forest River, Sonic, and Jayco. Guarantee that you reveal the make and/or model of your trailer with your trailer insurance broker in Aurora.

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What Can Trailer Insurance Coverage in Aurora Do for Me?

When it comes to having to pay the cost of replacements or repairs from all the potential risks you face both on the road and off, your trailer insurance in Aurora can come in clutch. For a better understanding of what your policy can do for you, we have made a list of all the different coverages you can purchase in order to protect your trailer from everything it might be exposed to during your next trip and even before it. Most of what is discussed below is either highly recommended by insurance providers or required by Ontario law – and sometimes both is true. Chat today with a RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Aurora if you have any further questions about your current policy.

If you are looking for additional help when it comes to understanding the finer details of your policy then RecProtect is always here to assist. Discuss your protection today with a trailer insurance broker in Aurora or whenever is most convenient about what we offer for recreational vehicle insurance endorsements. We offer our expert assistance so that you may have peace of mind with your insurance and can see all possible holes in your policy. Our team has plenty of insight as to all the ways you can save money on your trailer insurance in Aurora – without having to abandon any essential coverage. We take a step beyond what is considered average service to ensure that you have what you need for the best insurance possible.

Bodily Injury Liability

Try as we might to prevent them from happening, we cannot prepare for every possible accident. Bodily injury liability coverage can help you cover the cost of liability expenses as a result of a third party’s loss of income or their medical bills in the event that you are being held accountable for bodily injury while operating your trailer.

Property Damage Liability

Both property damage liability and bodily injury liability are required by provincial law in Ontario and it is illegal to drive without them. Should you cause damages to a third party’s property or their vehicle while behind the wheel, this coverage may help cover your expenses so that you don’t have to foot the bill alone.

Medical Payments

This coverage may already be included on your Aurora trailer insurance policy and is essential for helping to pay the cost of medical bills that you and/or your passengers incur. This insurance can come into play for any losses resulting from an insured peril.


No matter whether you are behind the wheel of your trailer or not, accidents happen. Comprehensive coverage can come in clutch for paying off the cost of repairs and replacements after an incident involving vandalism, fire, storms, falling objects, theft, or other natural disasters. Is the trailer that you own a rental vehicle? If so, the renting company or individual may require proof of this coverage.


Ontario has something called “no fault” insurance, which basically means that it doesn’t matter who was at fault in an accident. Your policy’s collision coverage can help cover the cost of replacements and repairs resulting from any damages done to your recreational vehicle in a collision with another object or another vehicle. Again, if you do not own your vehicle, the company or individual you are renting through may require proof of this coverage.

Trust in RecProtect For Free Trailer Insurance Quotes in Aurora

Insurance in and of itself can sometimes be a little complicated and recreational vehicle insurance is no exception. Luckily for you, RecProtect has a team of experts who are always at the ready for if you need any assistance in better understanding your trailer insurance coverage in Aurora. You’re too busy planning your next trip to have to worry about all the nitty gritty details! Say adieu to all the time you spent sloughing through hundreds of questions just for one quote. RecProtect’s team is happy to help you get what you need with all our connections and assets so that you can get a quick and easy quote for free, at no obligation on your part. This can all be done in less than a minute! Get coverage easily with RecProtect and rest easy knowing that your insurance is being looked after by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Now you can focus on the plans for your next family adventure.

Great customer service is everything here at RecProtect so you can never expect us to settle for “enough” with your insurance program. All the programs that we offer to our clients are the programs that work best for them and their lifestyle needs. You can select from a wide range of different recreational vehicle policies so that whatever you end up choosing is something that works for you. Chat today with a member of our team and start working with a trailer insurance broker in Aurora from RecProtect so that you can find a policy that ticks off every box.

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RecProtect Quote FAQ

Question: How simple is the process?

Answer: With RecProtect, you are able to purchase a policy online without speaking to a broker. Simply follow the steps and enter the information as prompted. When you reach the quote, you will see an option to complete your application, highlighted in blue. Once the application is complete you will be directed to sign and enter in credit card information to pay for your policy. RecProtect offers a one-time payment for the year. Once the policy is paid for using a regular credit card or Visa/Mastercard Debit, you will receive the official policy documents in your inbox within minutes!

Question: Have Questions during the quote process?

Answer: Select "Return to Broker" in the bottom left of page if you wish to have a broker review your application. A broker will contact you once application is reviewed. If it is time sensitive, call (888) 887 0881.

Question: Don't have enough time to complete the quote?

Answer: Select "Save and Continue Later" if you wish to revisit the application at a later time. You will receive an email with a link to the application you have started. This will retain all of the data you have entered and will allow you to sign and pay for the application at a time that works best for you.

Question: Questions on coverages?

Answer: Two Settlement Options: Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.

1. Replacement Cost: Replacement Cost will have no deduction for depreciation of any kind, this is conditional on insuring the unit for replacement cost of a brand new unit including taxes and any additions.

Ages to qualify for replacement cost:

  • Travel and Fifth Wheel Trailers: Up to 15 years old
  • Park Model Trailers: Up to 25 years old
  • Watercraft: Up to 15 years old

2. Actual Cash Value or Fair Market Value: The Actual Cash Value is the current market value of the unit which includes depreciation. The value is calculated at the time of the time of loss and is based on similar comparables in the marketplace less any costs that would have made your item ready for sale.

Question: What is covered?

Answer: Common claims that are covered are: Fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision, theft, vermin and falling objects.

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