No Obligation Trailer Insurance Quotes for Ottawa Residents

Are you planning a next adventure or has one been in the works for a while? Are you a seasoned road tripper? Your travel plans wouldn’t be made possible without your travel trailer. In Ottawa, Ontario, our recreational trailers are so important to us because of what they allow us to do. Your next adventure depends on the well-being of your trailer and without it, we wouldn’t be able to do all the fun stuff that we want to. This is where trailer insurance in Ottawa comes in handy.

A huge part of living in the province of Ontario is all the opportunities for camping. For this, it helps to have trailer insurance coverage for Ottawa residents handy so that you can be sure your most important assets are covered. Keep your travel plans secure with trailer insurance Ottawa is an enticing place for your next adventure and you’ll want to be sure it can go off without a hitch! (Pun not intended.)

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Trailer Insurance in Ottawa: The Basics

What makes a recreational vehicle a trailer? What does trailer insurance in Ottawa do to protect your investment? As the most popular recreational vehicle in Ontario, a trailer can be used for all sorts of fun activities. A trailer is manufactured to be towed by another vehicle and employed for travelling, vacationing or road trips. The size of a trailer can vary immensely, going anywhere from 8 feet to 40 in length. Many trailers will include condensed living areas, as well as bathrooms, dining rooms and sleeping areas. Popular trailer makes include: Sonic, Forest River, Jayco and Coleman. Make sure that when discussing your coverage with a trailer insurance broker in Ottawa that you note the make and/or model of your recreational vehicle.

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What Does Trailer Insurance Coverage in Ottawa Do?

Trailer insurance in Ottawa helps to cover a variety of perils. Below is a compiled list of a few components that your trailer insurance policy may cover. Help ensure your trailer against potential risks you might face during your next trip. A majority of the named coverages are required by provincial law or are highly sought after by providers. Discuss your coverage with a friendly RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Ottawa if you should have any questions regarding what is included in your policy.

Also, if you need to discuss with a RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Ottawa about our optional recreational vehicle endorsements. We can provide you with information regarding all the aspects of your vehicle and travelling lifestyle that may need coverage as well as offer tips and tricks for ways that you can save on your trailer insurance in Ottawa without needing to sacrifice any essential protection. We take our service a step further to guarantee you always have exactly what you need.

Property Damage Liability

Should you be held liable for damages done to a third party’s property or vehicle, this coverage may help to protect you from the expenses you might incur. Both bodily injury liability, as well as property damage liability, are required by provincial regulations and it is illegal to operate your trailer without first acquiring these mandatory coverages.


It doesn’t matter who caused an accident with Ontario’s “no-fault” insurance rule. With collision coverage, you may be reimbursed for replacements or repairs for any damage done to your recreational vehicles. If you happen to be lending your vehicle it is likely that your leaser or renting company will require you to purchase this coverage.

Bodily Injury Liability

As much as we try to avoid them, accidents can happen however cautious we try to be. If you should discover yourself in a situation where you are being held liable for bodily injury done to a third party while operating your trailer, this protection may come in handy. Bodily injury liability can reimburse you for the costs of an injured third party’s medical bills and potential loss of income.


Accidents can happen anywhere, not just on the road. This particular protection may help cover you for damages that result from a variety of perils, including theft, vandalism, falling objects, storms, fires, and other natural disasters. Don’t own your trailer? If this is the case, you may be required to carry this coverage in order to ensure your renter you are protected against these potential risks.

Medical Payments

This coverage is typically included in your policy for trailer insurance in Ottawa and may provide reimbursement for medical bill expenses that you or your passengers cause following a covered accident.

RecProtect Offers Free Trailer Insurance Quotes to Ottawa

Insurance for recreational vehicles can be overwhelming at first glance. With the help of RecProtect, your trailer insurance coverage in Ottawa doesn’t have to be complicated! Gone are the days of having to answer a thousand questions just to get a singular quote. Our recreational vehicle experts can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote in less than thirty seconds and secure your trailer insurance coverage in Ottawa as soon as is convenient for you. RecProtect can ensure you have the right protection for your vehicle so that you can rest easy knowing you’re set for your next trip.

At RecProtect, we take that extra step when it comes to great customer service. Instead of offering you your standard cookie-cutter insurance program, we ensure that the plan you get is what works for you and your individual lifestyle. You can choose from a huge selection of different recreational insurance products so that you can get just what you need when it comes to coverage. Chat with a trailer insurance broker in Ottawa from RecProtect today about our programs or apply for a free quote in just a couple of clicks. It’s that easy.

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