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In Kitchener, we love our trailers. Find coverage that works for you and your recreational vehicle by working with a recreational vehicle insurance broker from RecProtect. You can get a free quote online in under thirty seconds. Get started with us today.

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Trailer Insurance Kitchener

Having a trailer in Kitchener is practically a necessity for weekend fun in the great outdoors. Or, maybe, you are more of a full-time traveller who uses your trailer on the regular to go just about anywhere in Ontario. Whatever the purpose you use your trailer for, you should know that having Kitchener trailer insurance is critical. What would you do if something unexpected were to happen and you were to be left on the line to pay for all the damages yourself? One of Ontario’s most beloved types of RV is a recreational trailer or a travel trailer. For the most part, these automobiles are towed behind a car, truck or other vehicle and will be employed recreationally on camping trips or vacations.

Generally, a trailer in Ontario will be somewhere around 20 feet long. Yet, given the number of trailers that there are in Ontario, this is only an average and trailers can come in all sorts of different forms depending on the style of trailer you tow as well as the model. In Ontario, some of the popular travel trailers makes include Sonic, Forest River, Coleman and Jayco. When it comes to your insurance, what do you need to consider? Maybe your trailer comes with a range of expensive, affluent utilities, or maybe it just has the basic economic amenities. Then, there are rooms. Your trailer may include just a single bathroom and a sleeping area, or it can include a dining area, multiple bedrooms, and more.

RecProtect has got your back for when you need trailer insurance in Kitchener. Enjoy quality Kitchener trailer insurance with the advice of a RecProtect trailer insurance broker. Kitchener trailer owners can’t go wrong with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable experts.

Recreational insurance is made simpler with RecProtect. In less than 30 seconds you can get a trailer insurance quote in Kitchener at no cost and with no obligation. Get started with your Kitchener trailer insurance whenever you want by applying with our online form.

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Trailer Insurance Coverage in Kitchener: How it Helps

It is important to know what your Kitchener trailer insurance will cover in case anything should happen to your recreational vehicle. Your policy may offer protection for the following items:

  • Sewer back-up and overland water
  • Contents within the trailer
  • Awnings, tents and other detached private structures
  • Emergency Vacation Expense
  • Lock replacements
  • …and more

A RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Kitchener is your best asset when it comes to recreational insurance. Our experts are some of the best in the industry and will help you review the fine print of your policy so that you can get a better grasp of what you are covered for. To help you understand, our brokers will lay out your coverage for you and go over what your protection includes and what it does not. When our team works directly with you, they can review your individual trailer insurance requirements in order to figure out whether or not your policy has any gaps that need remedying and will provide you with suggestions for additional coverages which may be of benefit to you. You may want to look into the following coverage options:

Emergency Vacation Expense Trailer Insurance in Kitchener

This coverage is automatically included in the policy to assist you with the costs of renting another trailer to continue your holiday if you happen to have a claim. To find out more about this coverage, a trailer insurance broker in Kitchener should be able to answer all your questions and break down this endorsement for your understanding.

Snowbird Endorsement Trailer Insurance in Kitchener

If you happen to be one of those people who uses your trailer as a primary residence in Canada and then fly south for the winter, we can insure your liability and contents while off-premises! Most people are unaware or improperly insured due to this exposure. Discuss with your trailer insurance broker in Kitchener for additional information regarding this endorsement and to see if it may work for you and your lifestyle as there are certain exclusions which may apply.

Premises Liability Trailer Insurance in Kitchener

In order to protect you from having to pay the potentially hefty costs that arise from legal action pertaining to any bodily injury or property damage you cause while using your trailer, premises liability trailer insurance is a must and sometimes not included on other policies. A trailer insurance broker in Kitchener will be able to help discuss with you what the benefits of this could be.

All the Trailers We Can Insure

There are a lot of different trailers throughout Ontario, making it difficult to find recreational insurance that suits the requirements of your particular automobile. Luckily for you, RecProtect knows the difference between certain units and realizes that insurance is not a one-size-fits-all. We don’t settle for average. Getting trailer insurance in Kitchener can be a little more complicated if the vehicle that you happen to tow is not your run-of-the-mill travel trailer. In order to serve our clients best, we simplify insurance so that coverage is a breeze. Below we have listed all the types of trailers that RecProtect insures for your convenience:

Is your trailer type not listed above? Contact us if that’s the case. We will discuss with you what your insurance requirements are and see what we can do to help you.

Different than your average recreational insurance provider, RecProtect’s main motivation is to simplify the process of getting insurance. Our clients have the opportunity to get real-time trailer insurance quotes in Kitchener in less than 30 seconds. That isn’t all, either; we also offer a variety of discounts for all our preferred parks and even provide the opportunity for our clients to win some cool prizes if they refer a friend to us. Get free trailer insurance quotes in Kitchener with us today!

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RecProtect Quote FAQ

Question: How simple is the process?

Answer: With RecProtect, you are able to purchase a policy online without speaking to a broker. Simply follow the steps and enter the information as prompted. When you reach the quote, you will see an option to complete your application, highlighted in blue. Once the application is complete you will be directed to sign and enter in credit card information to pay for your policy. RecProtect offers a one-time payment for the year. Once the policy is paid for using a regular credit card or Visa/Mastercard Debit, you will receive the official policy documents in your inbox within minutes!

Question: Have Questions during the quote process?

Answer: Select "Return to Broker" in the bottom left of page if you wish to have a broker review your application. A broker will contact you once application is reviewed. If it is time sensitive, call (888) 887 0881.

Question: Don't have enough time to complete the quote?

Answer: Select "Save and Continue Later" if you wish to revisit the application at a later time. You will receive an email with a link to the application you have started. This will retain all of the data you have entered and will allow you to sign and pay for the application at a time that works best for you.

Question: Questions on coverages?

Answer: Two Settlement Options: Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.

1. Replacement Cost: Replacement Cost will have no deduction for depreciation of any kind, this is conditional on insuring the unit for replacement cost of a brand new unit including taxes and any additions.

Ages to qualify for replacement cost:

  • Travel and Fifth Wheel Trailers: Up to 15 years old
  • Park Model Trailers: Up to 25 years old
  • Watercraft: Up to 15 years old

2. Actual Cash Value or Fair Market Value: The Actual Cash Value is the current market value of the unit which includes depreciation. The value is calculated at the time of the time of loss and is based on similar comparables in the marketplace less any costs that would have made your item ready for sale.

Question: What is covered?

Answer: Common claims that are covered are: Fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision, theft, vermin and falling objects.

Still have questions? Contact us at: (888) 887 0881.