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Prepping for your next adventure is always an exciting (sometimes stressful!) endeavour. Have you owned a trailer for a while, recently purchased one, or renting one? Whatever the case, you wouldn’t be able to execute your travel plans without the use of your recreational trailer – owned or not. In Vaughan, Ontario, our recreational vehicles are vital thanks to all the exciting activities they present to us. Your next adventure relies on the security of your trailer and if anything should happen to it you might not be able to do all the things you want to. This is where having trailer insurance in Vaughan comes into play.

Living in Ontario, we know that there are many different opportunities for us to go camping and adventuring given the range of parks and locations in the province. It is absolutely critical to acquire trailer insurance coverage in Vaughan to ensure your own peace of mind and protect your valuable assets financially. With RecProtect, your travel plans are secure with our programs for trailer insurance! Vaughan is a fantastic location for starting your next adventure so you’ll want to be sure that it can go off without a hitch – no pun intended.

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Trailer Insurance in Vaughan: A Guide

So what constitutes a trailer? We’ll break it down for you: trailer insurance in Vaughan is critical to helping ensure that your prized investment is sufficiently protected. In our province, trailers are some of the most commonly used recreational vehicles and can be employed for a whole range of different fun things. Most trailers are manufactured to be towed by other vehicles via a hitch and used for anything from road trips to vacationing. Your trailer’s size will really depend on its model but typically trailers will range anywhere from 8 feet to 40 feet in length. Trailers may include a variety of different amenities, such as dining areas, living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The most popular trailer makes include the following: Sonic, Jayco, Coleman, and Forest River. Be sure to be upfront with your trailer insurance broker in Vaughan about the make and/or model of your trailer.

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What Does Trailer Insurance Coverage in Vaughan Do?

Trailer insurance in Vaughan can protect you from an assortment of perils and exposures both on the road and off. Below, we have amassed a list of just some of the different things you might be covered for thanks to your trailer insurance in Vaughan. Your policy may help safeguard your trailer against a variety of perils you could be exposed to before your next trip or even during it. A majority of the coverages listed are either highly recommended by insurance providers, required by provincial law, or both. Talk about your protection today with a friendly RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Vaughan if you have any thoughts or questions about your existing insurance coverage.

If you think you need some help understanding your policy, no worries. RecProtect is always here to assist. Chat with a trailer insurance broker in Vaughan today about the range of recreational vehicle insurance endorsements that we can offer you. Let us fill you in on all the details that you need in order to understand your protection, what needs additional coverage, and we can even provide you with tips for more ways you can save on your trailer insurance in Vaughan – and there’s never any need to sacrifice any necessary protection. We always take quality customer service another step to guarantee you have what you need for the best protection possible.

Medical Payments

This coverage tailored to protecting you and your passengers from medical bills will likely be included in your policy for trailer insurance in Vaughan and can offer reimbursement for whatever expenses are incurred following an insured loss.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability can protect you from having to manage your liability expenses alone. If you should be held accountable for damages done to a third party’s vehicle or property, this coverage may help. Both property damage liability and bodily injury liability are required by provincial law in Ontario and it is illegal to drive without either.


Accidents can happen anywhere, not just on the road. Comprehensive coverage can help pay back for the cost of repairs or replacements necessary following an incident such as falling objects, theft, fires, storms, vandalism, or other disasters. If you don’t own your trailer, you may be required to acquire this protection to ensure your renter or the company you are renting through that you have protection against these exposures.

Bodily Injury Liability

There is a reason that accidents are called “accidents.” No matter what we do, we cannot prevent accidents from happening. Should you be held accountable for bodily injury done to a third party while you are driving your trailer this coverage can be critical. Bodily injury liability may help to pay back the costs of someone’s medical bills or, if necessary, their loss of income.


Ontario has something called “no fault” insurance which means it doesn’t matter who caused an accident. With collision coverage, you may be able to be reimbursed for replacements or repairs for any damages to your trailer due to a crash with an object or another vehicle. If you rent your vehicle it might be required by the company or individual you are renting through that you purchase this protection.

RecProtect Offers No-Obligation Trailer Insurance Quotes to Vaughan

Recreational vehicle insurance can seem like an overwhelming concept, especially at a first glance. Luckily, RecProtect is here to help you with your trailer insurance coverage in Vaughan so that you don’t need to have yet another stress on your shoulders. Say farewell to the times of the past when you had to trek through hundreds of questions for one singular quote. Our team here at RecProtect has the assets and resources at the ready to help you get a free, no-obligation trailer insurance quote in Vaughan in just a couple of seconds. Find protection as soon as possible for you and have peace of mind knowing that the team of experts here at RecProtect are protecting your recreational vehicle so that all you need to worry about is the details of your next trip.

When it comes to great quality service, RecProtect takes yet another step forward. No longer do you have to settle for “average” when it comes to insurance programs, we help make sure that every program our customers get is the program that is suited to them and their individual lifestyles. Select from a range of different recreational vehicle policies to find precisely what you need in terms of coverage. Today you can discuss with an expert trailer insurance broker in Vaughan about what it is that we can do for you or request a free quote.

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RecProtect Quote FAQ

Question: How simple is the process?

Answer: With RecProtect, you are able to purchase a policy online without speaking to a broker. Simply follow the steps and enter the information as prompted. When you reach the quote, you will see an option to complete your application, highlighted in blue. Once the application is complete you will be directed to sign and enter in credit card information to pay for your policy. RecProtect offers a one-time payment for the year. Once the policy is paid for using a regular credit card or Visa/Mastercard Debit, you will receive the official policy documents in your inbox within minutes!

Question: Have Questions during the quote process?

Answer: Select "Return to Broker" in the bottom left of page if you wish to have a broker review your application. A broker will contact you once application is reviewed. If it is time sensitive, call (888) 887 0881.

Question: Don't have enough time to complete the quote?

Answer: Select "Save and Continue Later" if you wish to revisit the application at a later time. You will receive an email with a link to the application you have started. This will retain all of the data you have entered and will allow you to sign and pay for the application at a time that works best for you.

Question: Questions on coverages?

Answer: Two Settlement Options: Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.

1. Replacement Cost: Replacement Cost will have no deduction for depreciation of any kind, this is conditional on insuring the unit for replacement cost of a brand new unit including taxes and any additions.

Ages to qualify for replacement cost:

  • Travel and Fifth Wheel Trailers: Up to 15 years old
  • Park Model Trailers: Up to 25 years old
  • Watercraft: Up to 15 years old

2. Actual Cash Value or Fair Market Value: The Actual Cash Value is the current market value of the unit which includes depreciation. The value is calculated at the time of the time of loss and is based on similar comparables in the marketplace less any costs that would have made your item ready for sale.

Question: What is covered?

Answer: Common claims that are covered are: Fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision, theft, vermin and falling objects.

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