Trailer Insurance Quotes for St. Catharine’s Residents in Less Than a Minute

In Ontario, we love our trailers. They let us do so much: road trips, vacationing to new parks, camping, and more. Of course, much of what we do in that regard wouldn’t be possible without our recreational vehicles, which is why having the right trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s is so important. Your next trip, whether it’s been scoped out already or is still in the planning stages, depends on the sanctity of your trailer. You’ll want to ensure that the coverage you get is the right kind of protection for your vehicle.

As avid lovers of recreational vehicles ourselves, RecProtect wants to help residents of St. Catharine’s get trailer insurance that fits their family’s lifestyle needs. You’re already too busy plotting out the finer details of your next trip and so insurance shouldn’t be another burden on your shoulders. The experts at RecProtect make sure that your next adventure goes off without a hitch! – Pun not intended.

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Trailer Insurance in St. Catharine’s: The Basics

A trailer is a type of recreational vehicle that is designed to be towed by another vehicle with a hitch and can range anywhere from 8 feet to 40 feet in length. Trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s is vital for helping protect Ontario’s most popular recreational vehicle. Trailers will include a variety of different amenities, including bathrooms, dining rooms, sleeping areas, and living spaces. The more popular trailer models/makes include Jayco, Coleman, Forest River and Sonic. Always be open with your trailer insurance broker in St. Catharine’s so that you can find coverage which works for your vehicle.

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What Does Trailer Insurance Coverage in St. Catharine’s Do?

With trailer insurance coverage in St. Catharine’s you have protection from a wide variety of perils. In the list below we have detailed many of the different coverages which may be included in your policy for trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s. These coverages may help to protect you and your family’s prized recreational vehicle from any perils you are exposed to before or during your next trip. Ensure that you talk with a broker if you aren’t sure about anything of what we have listed below.

Chat with a Recprotect trailer insurance broker in St. Catharine’s about your coverage today and see what we can offer you in terms of recreational insurance endorsements. We can look over your policy personally to see exactly what you need covered and where an additional glance might be of benefit to you. We offer tips on ways you can save on your trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s without having to sacrifice any necessary coverage. We want you to be sure you always have what you need!


With Ontario’s “no fault” insurance rule, it doesn’t matter who caused an accident: your insurance provider may help reimburse you for whatever repairs or replacements are necessary for fixing your recreational vehicle. Should you be involved in a crash or collision with another vehicle or an object, this coverage may help. Also, if you are renting your vehicle, typically the renting company or individual will want proof of this coverage.

Bodily Injury Liability

You may be held accountable for bodily injury while operating your vehicle – whether you are cautious or not. Unfortunately, accidents happen no matter how prepared we are. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being held accountable for injury to someone else this coverage may help. Bodily injury liability can reimburse you for expenses pertaining to someone else’s medical bills and/or their possible loss of income.


Comprehensive coverage and collision coverage are both generally required by renting companies and you may be asked to show proof of insurance before borrowing your recreational vehicle. Comprehensive coverage is essential to protecting your trailer from hazards you may face off the road, including theft, vandalism, falling objects, fires, storms, and other natural disasters. After all, accidents can happen just about anywhere.

Medical Payments

Generally, medical payments are already included in your policy for trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s as it is an essential coverage should you be involved in a collision or accident. Medical payments may cover you for any medical bill expenses that you or your passengers incur in an incident resulting from an insured peril.

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At RecProtect, we believe that you should never have to settle for anything – including your recreational vehicle insurance. While insurance, especially trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s, can seem a touch overwhelming, you need not worry. Our team here in the RecProtect office are bona fide professionals when it comes to recreational insurance and can get you a quote in under a minute – so say bye to the days of having to trek through thousands of questions for just one quote. Now, you can get insurance whenever is most convenient for you! Moreover, we ensure that the protection you get is what works for your situation in particular, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re set for your road trip.

Customer service is a huge part of what we do at RecProtect, so we’re always looking for more ways we can improve. When you have trailer insurance coverage in St. Catharine’s you can relax knowing that some of the best experts in the industry are looking after your vehicle so your finances are secure should anything happen. We get you a free, no-obligation quote in under a minute so that you can secure your trailer insurance in St. Catharine’s as quickly as possible. Trust in our recreational vehicle experts to find you coverage that works so you’re comfortable leaving the insurance to us – and you can finally put all your energy into planning your coming adventure.

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