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Residents of Guelph love their trailers and recreational vehicles because of the things they allow them to do. Ensure that your next adventure goes off without a hitch by getting your trailer insured with RecProtect. We can get you a quote for free online today in less than thirty seconds.

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Trailer Insurance Guelph

Why do you use your trailer? Do you use it for a fleeting weekend getaway? Or, are you a seasoned trailer user who travels often with you trailer? Whatever the reason, as a trailer owner you will need trailer insurance. Guelph trailer owners might know that one of the most popular kinds of RV in Ontario is a travel trailer or recreational trailer. Generally, these automobiles are designed to be hauled behind a truck or other automobile and will often be used for recreational purposes such as camping trips or vacationing. Many individuals who live in Ontario can hardly bear to think of a life without the use of a recreational vehicle. They’re just that integrated into our lives!

On average, your typical trailer is probably about 20 feet long. However, trailers come in all shapes and sizes and can vary up and down depending on the type of style of trailer that you tow as well as the model. You can have a trailer that comes with a lofty range of high-end utilities or you can stick with the basics and settle for the more economic amenities. In the end, it is really up to your personal preferences. Trailers may include bathrooms, dining areas and bedrooms and, in Ontario, many of the popular travel trailer makes include Coleman, Jayco, Forest River and Sonic.

All your trailers are covered with RecProtect. You can enjoy quality trailer insurance in Guelph through the assistance of a RecProtect trailer insurance broker. Guelph clients get the best service; to help better serve those we insure, we offer a wide selection of different optional coverages to ensure that your recreational vehicle is properly safeguarded against any exposures that might pose a threat to your trailer. There’s no need to worry with RecProtect.

We make recreational insurance simpler. In 90 seconds or less, you can get trailer insurance quotes in Guelph for free and no obligation is required. Get started on your Guelph trailer insurance as soon as is convenient for you by applying with our online form.

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Trailer Insurance Coverage in Guelph: How it Helps

Want to know precisely what your Guelph trailer insurance will cover? Generally, your average policy may offer protection for the following:

  • Sewer back-up and overland water
  • Contents within the trailer
  • Awnings, tents and other detached private structures
  • Emergency Vacation Expense
  • Lock replacements
  • …and more

By having a RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Guelph help you navigate your policy’s fine print, you can get a better idea of what you’re covered for. Our experts will lay out your coverage for you to inform you of what your coverage does and does not include. Also, they can help to review your individual requirements and determine whether or not your policy leaves any gaps and will offer coverage options or endorsements that could be of benefit to you. Here are a few of the optional coverage you may want to look into as well:

Premises Liability Trailer Insurance in Guelph

In order to protect you from having to pay the potentially hefty costs that arise from legal action pertaining to any bodily injury or property damage you cause while operating your trailer, premises liability trailer insurance is a must and some times not included on other policies. A trailer insurance broker in Guelph will be able to help discuss with you what the benefits of this could be.

Emergency Vacation Expense Trailer Insurance in Guelph

This coverage is automatically included in the policy to assist you for the costs of renting another trailer to continue your holiday if you happen to have a claim. To find out more about this coverage, a trailer insurance broker in Guelph should be able to answer all your questions and break down this endorsement for your understanding.

Snowbird Endorsement Trailer Insurance in Guelph

If you happen to be one of those people who uses your trailer as a primary resdicence and Canada then fly south for the winter, we can insure your liability and contents while off premises! Most people are unaware or improperly insured due to this exposure. Discuss with your trailer insurance broker in Guelph for additional information regarding this endorsement and to see if it may work for you and your lifestyle as there are certain exclusions which may apply.

Start getting your trailer insured with a trailer insurance online quote – free from RecProtect. It is our motivation to make recreational insurance as simple as possible and we know how tedious it can be to answer hundreds of questions and wait for days to bind your coverage. So, we have reinvented the way that you can get recreational trailer insurance in Ontario. We make coverage easy to get. Just apply for a trailer insurance quote in less than 30 seconds and get your coverage in a matter of minutes. Buy it, Insure it, and Enjoy it immediately.

All the Trailers We Can Insure

There are so many different trailers out there, which is often where other recreational insurance providers fall short. RecProtect knows the difference between different units and understands that certain trailers require certain insurance. We don’t settle for your average cookie-cutter insurance policy. Getting trailer insurance in Guelph can be pretty complex if the vehicle that you tow is rather unique. We simply your insurance so that getting coverage is a breeze! Here is a list of some of the trailers that Recprotect insures:

If you did not see your trailer type listed above, give us a call. We are always looking for more ways to help serve our clients and are eager to help find a solution for you.

RecProtect is different than your typical recreational insurance provider. Why? We give our clients the chance to get real-time recreational trailer insurance quotes in Guelph in less than 30 seconds. To make matters more simple, we guarantee that our recreational insurance is straightforward and we even offer a variety of discounts for all of our preferred parks across Ontario. Last (but not least), we provide our clients with the chance to win some awesome prizes if they refer their friends to us. Get free trailer insurance quote in Guelph with us today!

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