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What’s the plan for your next adventure? Have you had one in the works for a while? What about your trailer – do you own it or are you renting it? Whatever the case, know that your travel plans wouldn’t be able to get off the ground without your trailer. In Newmarket, Ontario, our trailers are some of our most prized possessions because of all the opportunities they present to us. Your next, exciting trip may depend on the well-being of your recreational vehicle and if something should occur unexpectedly you might be in trouble with your next trip. This is where having the right kind of trailer insurance in Newmarket comes in clutch.

The province of Ontario offers a selection of openings for us to go adventuring – provided how many naturally occurring parks and locations we have. It is vital that you purchase the right trailer insurance coverage in Newmarket to ensure you and your family’s peace of mind and monetarily safeguard your treasured assets. With RecProtect, your next adventure is safe and sound with all of the quality programs for trailer insurance! Newmarket is a fantastic spot to begin your next trip so you’ll want to be sure that it can go off without a hitch – no pun intended.

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An Easy 101 Guide to Trailer Insurance in Newmarket

What exactly is a trailer? Here are the tidbits you’ll need to know: trailer insurance in Newmarket is essential to ensuring that you have financial protection for your recreational vehicle. In Ontario, our trailers are so important to us because of their versatility and what they let us do. Plenty of trailers are made to be towed by other vehicles via a hitch and are useful when it comes to road trips and other vacations. Your trailer’s length can range anywhere between 8 feet and 40 feet and may include a range of different amenities, such as bathrooms, living areas, dining areas, and sleeping spaces. Some of the more popular trailer models include Sonic, Jayco, Forest River and Coleman. Ensure that you have been open about the make and/or model of your trailer with your trailer insurance broker in Newmarket.

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What Can Trailer Insurance Coverage in Newmarket Do for Me?

Your trailer insurance in Newmarket is handy as it can assist you when it comes to having to pay the cost of repairs or replacements from a variety of risks that you face both behind the wheel and when your vehicle is stationed. Below, we have arranged a list of a few of the things your trailer insurance in Newmarket may offer you coverage for. Your policy is a huge hand when it comes to protecting your trailer against all the different things it may be exposed to while on your next trip or even before it. A majority of what is listed below is either required by Ontario law, recommended by your insurance providers, or both. Discuss the details of your protection today with a RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Newmarket if you have any further questions about your current policy.

Should you need further assistance understanding the ins and outs of your policy RecProtect is always here to lend its help. Chat today with a trailer insurance broker in Newmarket or whenever works for you about what we offer in terms of recreational vehicle insurance endorsements. We can show you all the things we can do to help you have peace of mind when it comes to your insurance and show you where your policy may be lacking. Our experts have plenty of insight as to all the ways you can curb costs on your trailer insurance in Newmarket – without the need to sacrifice any necessary protection. We take a step beyond your average customer service to guarantee that you have what you need for the best protection plan.

Medical Payments

Medical payments insurance is more than likely already included on your Newmarket trailer insurance policy as it is vital for helping pay the cost of any medical bills incurred from an accident. This coverage may be able to cover the costs either you or your passengers incur following an insured loss.

Bodily Injury Liability

Accidents don’t ever happen for good reason. No matter what we do, we cannot prevent accidents from happening. Should you be found liable for any bodily injury done to a third party while behind the wheel of your recreational vehicle, this coverage can help. Bodily injury liability coverage may be able to pay you back for expenses resulting from someone else’s possible loss of income or medical bills.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability, as well as bodily injury liability, are required by Ontario provincial law and you will not be able to operate your vehicle without proof of either of these. Property damage liability helps prevent you from having to solo the bill for any possible liability expenses you incur. Should you case damages to a third party’s property or their vehicle, this coverage may help.


Accidents happen anywhere, anytime. Comprehensive coverage can help you when it comes to having to pay off the cost of repairs and replacements following an incident such as fire, vandalism, storms, theft, falling objects, and other natural disasters. If the trailer you have is a rental then the company or individual you are borrowing through may require that you have protection against these perils.


For cars and other vehicles, Ontario uses something called “no-fault” insurance which means that it doesn’t matter who was at fault in an accident. Your policy’s collision coverage may be able to assist you with paying off the cost of repairs and replacements for any damages done to your trailer in an accident with another vehicle or object. If you are renting your vehicle, chances are that the person or company you are renting the trailer through will ask that you carry this coverage.

RecProtect Offers Free & Easy Trailer Insurance Quotes to Newmarket

Not to worry if your recreational vehicle insurance seems a little complicated a first glance. RecProtect is always here to ensure that you can better understand your trailer insurance coverage in Newmarket so that you don’t need to waste your time memorizing all the finer details. Say goodbye to the days of having to answer dozens or even hundreds of questions for a singular quote. Our team of experts here at RecProtect has all the necessary assets and connections to find a quote for you that is both free and requires no obligation on your part – all in less than a minute. Find coverage at a time that works for you so you can have peace of mind in knowing that the professionals at RecProtect are looking after your trailer. All you need to look after is the plans for where you want to go next.

Here at RecProtect, quality service is everything. We never settle for the average when it comes to our insurance programs. Every program that we offer to our customers is the program that works best for their personal needs and their individual lifestyle. Pick from a range of all the different recreational vehicle policies that we offer so you can find something that works for you. Discuss with a member of our team today and work with an expert trailer insurance broker in Newmarket so that you can find something that fits your lifestyle exactly.

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