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Are you planning a next adventure or has one been in the works for some time? Is the recreational vehicle – aka the trailer – that you plan to use your own vehicle or are you renting it? No matter your situation, your travel plans wouldn’t be possible without your trailer whether it’s yours or not. In Richmond Hill, Ontario, our recreational vehicles are highly valued and treasured because of what they allow us to do. Your coming-up endeavour depends on the sanctity of your trailer and if anything unexpected should occur you might be in a rut for your next planned trip. Here is where having trailer insurance in Richmond Hill comes in handy.

In the province of Ontario, there is a wide range of different opportunities for us to go adventuring and camping provided how many locations and parks our province has. It is essential to find the right trailer insurance coverage in Richmond Hill to guarantee your own peace of mind and financially safeguard your valuable assets. With RecProtect, your travel plans are safe with our quality programs for trailer insurance! Richmond Hill is a great location for your next trip so you’ll want to be sure (no pun intended) that it can go off without a hitch.

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A Guide to Trailer Insurance in Richmond Hill

What exactly makes a trailer a trailer? We’ll help you out: trailer insurance in Richmond Hill is vital for helping protect your recreational vehicle financially. In the province of Ontario, trailers are a kind of recreational vehicle that can be utilized for a whole range of different, interesting activities. Many trailers are made to be hitched onto other vehicles and towed and have their uses in road trips and vacations. The length of your trailer is determined by its model or make, but usually, a trailer will be anywhere between 8 feet and 40 feet long. Your trailer may include a variety of amenities, such as living areas, dining areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Some of the most popular trailer models include Coleman, Forest River, Jayco, and Sonic. Always be sure to detail the make and/or model with your trailer insurance broker in Richmond Hill.

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How Does Trailer Insurance Coverage in Richmond Hill Help?

Trailer insurance in Richmond Hill may be able to help cover you from having to foot the bill alone for repairs or replacements due to an assortment of risks on the road and off. We have cumulated a list of a few of the things below you might have coverage for thanks to your trailer insurance in Richmond Hill. Your insurance policy may help protect your recreational vehicle against a range of exposures you could see before your next trip or even during it. Many of the coverages detailed below are either highly recommended by insurance providers and/or required by Ontario law. Talk about your protection today with a RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Richmond Hill if there are any questions you have about your current policy.

If you need any help going over your policy, RecProtect is always here to lend a helping hand. Talk with a trailer insurance broker in Richmond Hill as soon as is convenient for you about our selection of recreational vehicle insurance endorsements that are available Let us show you all that we can do for you so you can get what you need and know what needs additional coverage. We can even provide you with some insight on more ways you can cut costs on your trailer insurance in Richmond Hill – without the need to sacrifice coverage. We go beyond quality customer service to ensure you have what you need for the best coverage possible.


For automobiles, the province of Ontario uses “no fault” insurance – which means it doesn’t matter who caused an accident. Your policy’s collision coverage may be able to reimburse you for replacements or repairs for any damages to your trailer due to a crash with either another object or another vehicle. Renting your vehicle? If so, you may be required by the person or company you are borrowing through to acquire this coverage.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability may be able to protect you from having to foot the bill for any potential liability expenses solo. If you should be found responsible for damages done to a third party’s automobile or property, this coverage might be able to help. Both bodily injury liability and property damage liability are required by provincial law in the province of Ontario and it is illegal to operate a vehicle without either.


Accidents can happen just about anywhere – not just on the road. Comprehensive coverage may be able to help pay back for the cost of replacements and repairs following an incident such as fire, theft, falling objects, vandalism, storms, or other natural disasters. Don’t own your trailer? Chances are that you will be required to purchase this protection to assure your renter or the company you are borrowing through that you have protection against these perils.

Medical Payments

This helpful coverage is tailored to help protect both you and your passengers from having to pay the full of cost of any medical bills you incur from an accident. This will likely be included in your policy for trailer insurance in Richmond Hill and can offer reimbursement for whatever medical expenses are incurred following an insured loss.

Bodily Injury Liability

Accidents are called accidents for good reason. Try as we might, we cannot prevent accidents from happening. In a case where you are found liable for bodily injury done to a third party while you are operating your recreational vehicle, this coverage can be essential. Bodily injury liability can help to reimburse you for expenses pertaining to someone else’s medical bills or even their loss of income.

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Your recreational vehicle insurance might seem very complicated at a first glance. Don’t worry – RecProtect is always here to help you better understand your trailer insurance coverage in Richmond Hill so that you don’t need to memorize every single line in your policy. Gone are the days of the past when you’d need to work through hundreds of different questions for just one quote. The team of experts at RecProtect has all the resources and assets necessary to find you a quote that is free and requires no obligation – all in less than a minute. Acquire coverage as soon as is convenient for you so that you can be secure in knowing that our team of professionals here at RecProtect are looking after your trailer. Now all you need to worry about is the plans for your next adventure!

Quality service means everything here at RecProtect. There’s no need to settle for “average” when you can select from our insurance programs. We make sure that every program our customers get is the program that is tailored to their needs and their individual lifestyle. Choose from a selection of our different recreational vehicle policies so that you can find exactly what you need when it comes to coverage. Chat today with a member of our team and work with an expert trailer insurance broker in Richmond Hill so you can get exactly what it is that you need.

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