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In Calgary, we love our trailers. Find coverage that works for you and your recreational vehicle by working with a recreational vehicle insurance broker from RecProtect. You can get a free quote online in under thirty seconds. Get started with us today.

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If it’s time to head out on your next summertime adventure or you travel full-time, you know that trailer insurance in Calgary is a must. No matter how frequently you use your trailer, there is still the risk of something unexpected happening – and trailers don’t come cheap. Protect your family’s fun times and cherished memories by purchasing Calgary trailer insurance. After all, we love our recreational vehicles – whether for travelling, camping, or vacationing.

Your average trailer in Calgary may be around 20 feet long, but it depends on the make/model. Popular trailer types in Alberta include Forest River, Jayco, Coleman, and Sonic. What questions should you ask yourself when it comes to trailer insurance in Calgary? Your trailer might be a basic model, or it could come with a ton of amenities and expensive features. Does it have rooms? Any detached private structures? Awnings?

Travel with peace of mind and enjoy Calgary trailer insurance fitted to your requirements. You won’t regret choosing our experts when you want to hit the open road with your friends and family without worrying about what could happen.

RecProtect makes trailer insurance in Calgary easy. You can get free online trailer insurance quotes in Calgary at no additional cost and with no obligation required from you. Start on your Calgary trailer insurance whenever possible for you by applying online with our virtual form.

Trailer Insurance Coverage in Calgary: How it Helps

You are not required to know every single word of your policy, but a base understanding helps. Your Calgary trailer insurance policy may include the following items:

  • Personal Property in trailer
  • Overland water and sewer back-up
  • Detached private structures: awnings, tents, etc.
  • Emergency vacation expense
  • Premises liability
  • Golf cart liability
  • Awnings & Tents
  • Replacement Cost
  • …and more

RecProtect’s trailer insurance brokers in Calgary are great resources and can help you make the best decisions possible. We know trailers, and we know the people that own them – as such, we are well aware of the risks you face and want to outline your coverage so it is clear to you and help you navigate your policy accordingly. We can review your individual Calgary trailer insurance requirements to assess if there are any blatant exposures and offer additional coverage. You may be suggested:

Emergency Roadside Services

Things happen – and we would never want our trip to come to a startling halt if our trailers were to unexpectedly break down. Emergency roadside services are generally included in your Calgary trailer insurance and can pay for a temporary replacement to continue your trip if your trailer needs any repairs or replacements.

Snowbird Endorsement

If you like to avoid the harshest of Calgary winters by travelling south and using your trailer as a primary residence, RecProtect can help to insure your liability and your contents while off-premises. Many trailer owners are unaware of this exposure! Discuss with your trailer insurance brokers in Calgary from RecProtect today for any additional information. There may be some exclusions.

Premises Liability

In the event that you should cause bodily injury or property damage to any third party while operating your trailer and be held liable, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit. These can be expensive. Your trailer insurance in Calgary may not include premises liability but it is a must-have. Chat with RecProtect’s trailer insurance brokers in Calgary about what this type of coverage can do for you.

All the Trailers We Can Insure

There are so many different trailers, so it can be difficult to find trailer insurance in Calgary that takes into account the one that you own. We have plenty of experience taking care of recreational vehicles and understand Calgary trailer owners’ needs better than most. You’ll never have to settle for a one-size-fits-all. Trailer insurance quotes in Calgary are easy to get with RecProtect; we want to simplify insurance for you. Below are some of the trailers we insure:

  • Camper trailers
  • Car trailers
  • 5th wheel trailers
  • RV trailers
  • Mobile home trailers
  • Short term trailers
  • Tent trailers

Is your trailer not among those listed above? If that is the case for you, give us a call as soon as is feasible for your busy schedule so we can sit down and discuss your needs with you.

RecProtect is unique because its main drive is to innovate the process of getting insurance. You can get real-time trailer insurance quotes in Calgary and it only takes a few minutes out of your day, if even that. We even offer discounts for any of our preferred parks and you may have a chance to win a cool prize by referring a friend. Don’t wait – apply for free trailer insurance quotes in Calgary today.

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