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Escape to the great outdoors this weekend and unwind at your trailer. But before you set out on your travels, make sure that your trailer is adequately insured with the right insurance. Accidents can happen, and if you’re not covered with the proper policy, you could face unexpected expenses. With RecProtect, our RV insurance in Brampton can save you from worrying about your vacation. Our comprehensive coverage is specifically for recreational vehicles so you know you are in good hands. Enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that comes with RecProtect.

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As leading Canadian insurance brokerage, RecProtect excels in offering specialized recreational insurance for your RV trailer. We stand out by making our application process quick and simple to use, offering real-time quotes and plans that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Our expertise in recreation vehicle insurance allows us to craft custom insurance policies that combine comprehensive protection with cost-effectiveness. At RecProtect, we are dedicated to making insurance as transparent and straightforward as possible, helping RV enthusiasts get the proper coverage their trailer needs.

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Brampton Trailer Insurance: Why RecProtect?

Specializing in recreational vehicle insurance, RecProtect stands as a trusted leader in providing comprehensive coverage at affordable rates. If you’re in Brampton and need insurance for your RV, be sure to consider RecProtect as your first choice. We offer coverage that is specific to the unique requirements of your recreational vehicle.

What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to providing exceptional customer support. Our team is not only caring but also highly knowledgeable in the recreational vehicle industry. We are ready to assist whenever you need us, whether you’re inquiring about a policy, filing a claim, or just have a general question.

We’ve also implemented an online calculator to help you get a coverage plan without the need to talk to anyone. Simply fill out the form with your trailer information to get an instant estimate of the insurance costs of your trailer then decide whether it meets your budget. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

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What Does RV Trailer Insurance in Brampton Cover?

Travelling in your RV should be an adventure filled with fun and good times. While it’s not pleasant to consider, there are risk when travelling with your RV that that you must be prepared for. Unforeseen events such as minor accidents, like backing into another vehicle, or unavoidable hazards like severe weather conditions, can happen at anytime. Our insurance coverage provides a financial safety net to protect you when incidents arise. This includes protection for your RV against theft, damage, as well as coverage for the contents within your trailer, providing security wherever your travels take you.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides protection against a variety of incidents that can occur while travelling with your RV. These include collision with objects, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, as well as damages caused by animals or falling objects. It ensures not only the security of the trailer itself but also extends to the contents housed within.

Collision Coverage

Having reliable collision coverage is essential, regardless of how good of a driver you are. While you might have years of experience hauling your fifth wheel around, it’s impossible to control the actions of others on the road and in the campground. This coverage also protects the content in your trailer when the collision occurred.

Liability Coverage

Just as your home is protected by homeowner’s insurance, your trailer requires similar protection. Liability insurance is designed to cover damages your trailer may have caused to a third party’s property, as well as any injuries to people resulting from accidents with your trailer. If an unfortunate accident occurs, you can rely on this coverage to handle hospital costs, lost income, and other related damages.

Loss of Use Coverage

In a situation where your trailer has become totally inoperable, our loss of use coverage will provide you with the means to secure alternate transportation or a temporary replacement trailer. It also reimburses any cost that may have occurred during the time that your trailer was out of commission such as living in a hotel or travel expenses.

Emergency Towing and Assistance

From locksmith services to roadside assistance, this coverage makes sure that you won’t be paying out of pocket if you find yourself in a situation that leaves you stranded. If your trailer does need to be towed, this coverage will help ensure you get your RV off the road and into a safer place.

Personal Content Coverage

This coverage offers protection for your belongings that are stored inside your trailer, including items like camping equipment, electronics, and various personal gear. Each item is eligible for coverage up to a value of $500 and is subject to the specific limits outlined in the policy.

Salvage Coverage

Salvage coverage is for the removal of your recreational vehicle in the event of an accident or a breakdown that leaves it immobile. It provides financial assistance for addressing damages at the accident site, which also includes the cleanup of any fuel spills or other hazardous substances.

RV Trailer Insurance Coverage Across Ontario

Exploring Ontario with an RV trailer is an adventure like no other. Available throughout Ontario from Brampton to Thunder Bay, our comprehensive RV trailer insurance policies offer coverage options to suit your trailer’s needs. Whether you’re travelling down the Trans-Canada Highway, or parked at a campground in Sauble Beach, RecProtect is there to have your back. For those looking to begin the RV life, start by getting a free quote with our online calculator.

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