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In Kelowna, we love our trailers. Find coverage that works for you and your recreational vehicle by working with a recreational vehicle insurance broker from RecProtect. You can get a free quote online in under thirty seconds. Get started with us today.

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Having a trailer opens up so many different opportunities in Kelowna. Trailer insurance is a must-have to secure your peace of mind, whether you use your trailer on occasion or roam around full-time. Having trailer insurance in Kelowna fitted to your personal needs is easy when you work with RecProtect and can ensure there’s a backup plan if anything should go awry.

The typical trailer, whether that’s a Forest River, Sonic, Coleman, or even a Jayco, may average out around 20 feet in length, but can also vary. Trailers can have some additional luxurious features or they may only come with the basics. Your trailer insurance in Kelowna should reflect the trailer you own.

Adventure awaits, but make sure you have Kelowna trailer insurance that leaves no gaps first. RecProtect’s trailer insurance brokers want to help you with any advice that you may need so that your family’s needs are always met as swiftly and as accurately as possible.

Get trailer insurance quotes in Kelowna today or in 60 seconds or less by choosing RecProtect. You can apply today or whenever works for you.

Trailer Insurance Coverage in Kelowna: How it Helps

Getting to know the basics of your policy is a great way to ensuring you’re prepared. If you are unsure, our RecProtect insurance brokers in Kelowna have your back and can help you clarify things. Your policy may include the following:

  • Personal Property in trailer
  • Lock replacements
  • Overland water & sewer back-up
  • Detached private structures: sheds, deck etc.
  • Frozen food spoilage
  • Appliance and utilities extended warranty
  • …and more

Your trailer insurance brokers in Kelowna are excited to hear about your plans and want to help you understand what you have coverage for and what may need another look. We understand how important your trailers are to you and why they need protection fitted to the type of trailer you own and how you use them. We may suggest any of the following endorsements:

Emergency Roadside Services

Should disaster strike and your trailer be deemed unusable for the remaining duration of your vacation, what’s there to do? You don’t have to pack up and head home with emergency roadside services. This coverage is often included in a typical Kelowna trailer insurance policy and can cover a temporary replacement trailer while yours is out of commission following an insured incident.

Snowbird Endorsement

If you use your trailer as a primary residence and often choose to travel south for the winter, then your liability, contents and more may be left exposed while away from your typical setting. A snowbird endorsement can help cover you in these circumstances, although some exclusions may apply. A RecProtect trailer insurance broker in Kelowna can discuss this protection with you.

Premises Liability

If a claim arises out of the ownership or operation of your trailer as a result of bodily injury or property damage, having premises liability coverage may help offset any consequential costs. This is an integral form of coverage that you can discuss today with RecProtect’s trailer insurance brokers in Kelowna.

All the Trailers We Can Insure

Trailers come in all sizes, shapes, and usages. Each one needs insurance fitted to its particular make and model as no “one-size-fits-all” package for trailer insurance in Kelowna will do! RecProtect accounts for all different types of trailers when designing its insurance packages. We insure these trailers:

  • Camper trailers
  • Car trailers
  • 5th wheel trailers
  • RV trailers
  • Mobile home trailers
  • Short term trailers
  • Tent trailers

Not seeing your trailer in our list? That’s okay, too – you can give us a call and tell us a little about your situation and the trailer you own so we can lay out your options.

To expedite the process of getting trailer insurance in Kelowna, RecProtect works hard to offer speedy ways to get quotes. You can get trailer insurance quotes in Kelowna in 60 seconds or less, with an opportunity to win a cool prize or even receive a discount for any of RecProtect’s preferred parks.

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