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In Alberta, trailer insurance is a must-have for enjoying a worry-free weekend of adventure in the great outdoors. If you travel fulltime, maybe you use your trailer to go everywhere. Whatever you use your trailer for, you should know that having trailer insurance in Alberta is critical. What would you do if something disastrous happened to your beloved recreational vehicle and you were left on the hook for any damages or settlement fees? Alberta loves their recreational vehicles, and especially their recreational trailer/travel trailers. These are known for being towed behind a car, truck, or other motorized vehicle and are used for camping, vacationing or other forms of travelling.

A trailer in Alberta might be somewhere around 20 feet long, but this can vary depending on the type and make of your trailer. Some of the most popular trailer makes in Alberta include Coleman, Sonic, Forest River, and Jayco. What do you need to keep in mind when it comes to trailer insurance in Alberta? Your trailer may have a host of amenities or expensive features, or it could just have the basics. Are there any rooms? How many? What do they have inside them?

RecProtect has you covered when you need the best trailer insurance in Alberta. Travel with peace of mind and enjoy quality Alberta trailer insurance when you work with one of our trailer insurance brokers. Alberta trailer owners won’t regret choosing our experts to give them advice.

Recreational insurance is easier than ever with RecProtect. You can get trailer insurance quotes in Alberta at no additional cost and with no obligation required from you. You can get going on your Alberta trailer insurance whenever works for you by applying today with our online form.

Trailer Insurance Coverage in Alberta: How it Helps

You do not need to know everything, but a base understanding can benefit you spectacularly when it comes to Alberta trailer insurance. Your policy may cover the following items:

  • Personal Property in trailer
  • Overland water and sewer back-up
  • Detached private structures: awnings, tents, etc.
  • Emergency vacation expense
  • Premises liability
  • Golf cart liability
  • Replacement Cost
  • Awnings & Tents
  • …and more

RecProtect’s trailer insurance brokers in Alberta may be your best assets when you want quality insurance. Our experts know trailers better than anyone and are familiar with any and all risks you may face while vacationing. We also help outline your coverage in your policy so you know what you have protection for and what you don’t. When we work one-on-one with you, we can review your individual Alberta trailer insurance requirements to figure out if there are any obvious gaps in your policy that may need remedying and may offer additional coverage. They may suggest any of the following:

So what constitutes a trailer? We’ll break it down for you: trailer insurance in Alberta is critical to helping ensure that your prized investment is sufficiently protected. In our province, trailers are some of the most commonly used recreational vehicles and can be employed for a whole range of different fun things. Most trailers are manufactured to be towed by other vehicles via a hitch and used for anything from road trips to vacationing. Your trailer’s size will really depend on its model but typically trailers will range anywhere from 8 feet to 40 feet in length. Trailers may include a variety of different amenities, such as dining areas, living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The most popular trailer makes include the following: Sonic, Jayco, Coleman, and Forest River. Be sure to be upfront with your trailer insurance broker in Alberta about the make and/or the model of your trailer.

Emergency Roadside Services

This is automatically included in your Alberta trailer insurance and helps you if you need to rent another trailer to prevent your vacation from coming to a sudden halt. To find out more about this coverage, a trailer insurance broker in Alberta can sit down with and discuss all your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Snowbird Endorsement

Maybe your trailer is your primary residence and you like to go south for the winter. If this is the case for you, RecProtect can insure your contents and liability while off-premises! Many people are underinsured or unaware with this particular exposure. Chat with your trailer insurance broker in Alberta today for additional information about this particular endorsement. Certain exclusions may apply.

Premises Liability

Legal action pertaining to property damage or bodily injury you have caused while operating your trailer may not seem like a likely risk you’ll face, but lawsuits can happen at any point. Premises liability for your trailer insurance in Alberta is a must-have and may not always be included on other policies. Discuss with RecProtect’s trailer insurance brokers in Alberta to see what the benefits of this particular insurance policy could be.

All the Trailers We Can Insure

Alberta has many different types of trailers, making it difficult to find trailer insurance in Alberta perfectly fitted to the one that you own. Thanks to all our experience looking after recreational vehicles in the province, RecProtect knows that Alberta trailer insurance is not a one-size-fits-all deal and never settles for average. Getting trailer insurance quotes in Alberta may be complicated if your trailer is not “average” but RecProtect has you covered. We simplify insurance. Below, we have listed all types of trailers that RecProtect insures:

Not seeing your trailer listed above? Give us a call if that’s the case for you. We will sit down and discuss your insurance needs with you to see what we can do to help you.

We differ from the average recreational insurance provider as our main motivation is to simplify and innovate the process of getting insurance. You can get real-time trailer insurance quotes in Alberta in only a few minutes. That isn’t just it – we also offer discounts for all our preferred parks and you can get some cool prizes just by referring a friend. Get free trailer insurance quotes in Alberta today!

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