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There are few things more relaxing than getting away for the weekend at your trailer. Whether you’re just needing to clear your head and escape work-related stress, or you need some time to recharge with your friends or family, RV trailers provide a wonderful opportunity to get the rest that you’re searching for. In order to enjoy the peace of mind that you need, it’s important to have your trailer properly insured. RecProtect is one of the most trusted names in Burlington for trailer insurance.

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There are plenty of trailer insurance options in Burlington, but not all of them have an intricate understanding of different types of trailers and the unique challenges that they present. That’s not the case with RecProtect. Not only do we offer affordable, comprehensive policies, but we also understand how valuable your time is, which is why we offer quick, real-time quotes.
When you need to file an insurance claim, you don’t want to jump through hoops and force your way through excessive red tape. That’s why RecProtect is proud to offer a straightforward, transparent process that allows you to understand your policy and file your claim.

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Why You Should Choose RecProtect for RV Insurance

Choosing a company to provide you trailer insurance in Burlington can be challenging. After all, insurance is a multi-layered concept that requires specialized coverage options. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that employs experts in the world of recreational vehicles like we do at RecProtect.

It’s also important to choose a company that doesn’t charge exorbitant rates for their coverage. Your trailer should be something that you get to enjoy. While the cost of a trailer itself and the maintenance your trailer requires can cost plenty, you don’t want to spend more than necessary on insurance. That’s why RecProtect is happy to offer reasonable, competitive pricing on all our policies. We make these prices easy for you to access with our easy-to-use online calculator tool, that you’re sure to find a policy that fits within your budget.

Our team of client representatives is committed to helping you maximize the enjoyment that you get from your trailer. We believe in cultivating enduring client partnerships, as we help you enjoy your trailer with our outstanding customer and claims support. Our line of extensive, flexible Burlington trailer insurance options allows you to find affordable coverage that is right for you.

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Our Recreational Vehicle Coverage Options

RecProtect has worked tirelessly over the years to create different policies that ensure that you find trailer insurance in Burlington that is exactly what you need for your trailer. Our expansive coverage options ensure that you can find the policy that best suits your RV.

Comprehensive Trailer Insurance

Our comprehensive RV trailer insurance is designed to protect your trailer and your budget from any unforeseen issues that you encounter. These policies offer total protection against everything from theft to natural disasters and are designed to provide a strong financial safety net against unexpected events. Not only do our comprehensive trailer policies protect the trailer itself, but you can also rest easy knowing that your contents and accessories are protected as well.

Collision Coverage

No matter how careful you are when moving your trailer, you need to have some sort of collision coverage in place. After all, you can be as responsible as possible, but you can’t account for everyone that you share the roads and the campgrounds with. Our collision coverage makes sure that your trailer is protected against collisions with other vehicles or trailers, and stationary objects such as poles and walls. We’re also proud to offer coverage against debris on the roadway that damages your trailer and any contents that suffer damage in one of these collisions.

Liability Coverage

Your trailer is your home away from home, and in the same way that you have liability coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy, you need it on your trailer. Our liability insurance protects against damage caused to other’s property caused by your trailer, as well as any injuries suffered by others involving your trailer. Additionally, our coverage offers financial protection for medical costs, lost wages, and other financial ramifications of trailer-related accidents.

Medical Coverage

Speaking of medical coverage, we’re happy to offer medical policies. RecProtect’s policies offer medical coverage for injuries suffered while hauling your trailer. It’s also applicable to costs that aren’t covered in other medical insurance policies.

Loss of Use Coverage

In the worst-case scenarios, your trailer becomes unusable, whether it’s due to theft, an accident, or a natural disaster. In those situations, we have coverage that you can use to help you rent another trailer. Our coverage also covers alternative transport costs, which become important if you use your trailer for daily activities. You can also get coverage that provides money for travel and lodging if you’re using the trailer for travel or as a residence.

Emergency Towing and Assistance

There are plenty of reasons that people need emergency trailer services, and we’re proud to offer coverage for all of them. Whether you need a locksmith or roadside assistance, we have coverage options that protects you financially.

Personal Items and Equipment Coverage

Depending on the policy that you choose, RecProtect offers up to $500 for each item that you insure. This can be used to protect your camping gear, electronics, and other personal items that you keep in your trailer.

Trailer Salvage Coverage

There are few things more troubling than having to have your trailer salvaged, but RecProtect can help if the worst-case scenario happens. If your trailer is severely damaged in a wreck or becomes unusable, we have you covered. This coverage can also be used for post-salvage repairs. We also offer some policies that make it possible for you to have your trailer restored.

RV Trailer Insurance Coverage Across Ontario

You would be hard-pressed to find a better way to take in Ontario’s natural beauty than with a trailer. That’s why RecProtect offers such a wide array of coverage options, designed to give trailer owners the peace of mind that they need to sit back and enjoy their trailers. Contact RecProtect today to secure your adventure throughout the province.

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