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Why Are Only Certain RV Insurance Coverages Mandated in Ontario?

 When you’re purchasing RV insurance in Ontario for the first time, whether that’s because you’re planning to close on a…

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Can You Camp All Year-Round in BC?

British Columbia is a beautiful province, and campers get to experience it in a whole different light. For those who…

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Can You Tow Two Trailers in British Columbia?

Recreational vehicle towing in Canada can get confusing because it isn’t consistent throughout the country. What might be legal in…

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Converting a Bus to an RV & How Your Insurance May Be Impacted

Recreational vehicles can be expensive, and for many family members they can be large and clunky. Maybe the idea of…

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What Are Alberta’s Trailer Insurance Requirements?

In Alberta, there are a few things that trailer owners need to do before they are considered ‘street-legal.’ For one,…

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Do I need insurance for trailer in Ontario?

If you are in the process of purchasing a new trailer, looking for a trailer to rent, or if you’ve…

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