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Best Hiking Trails in British Columbia for Families

Enjoying nature is something we innately want to share with our children, but hiking with children can seem daunting at…

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Incredibly Delicious Breakfast Campfire Recipes

RecProtect believes that you don’t have to choose between your love of the great outdoors and having a great home-made…

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What To Do If Your Boat Capsizes

One minute, you’re enjoying a beautiful day out on the water. In the next second, you’re involved in a boat…

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Campfire Safety Tips

A campfire tends to be the symbol and highlight of camping trips, but they’re also one of the leading causes…

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Building Your Hiking Safety/First Aid Kit

Casual walks, hiking, running, agility training, playing outdoors, hitting the beach, regardless of the activities you and your family enjoy…

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Campfire Treat Recipes and Unique S’mores

Are you a dessert person? Like your sweets? Find it difficult to satisfy these cravings while camping, unless it’s a…

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