8 Must-Have Items For RV Travel With Pets

8 Must-Have Items For RV Travel With Pets

Nothing feels worse than leaving your pets alone while on vacation. You may often feel guilty despite trying your best to enjoy your trip. Luckily, RV travel is completely safe for pets as long as the proper precautions are in place.

Your next road trip would not be complete without your family members, including the fur babies. Thus, we prepared a list below of some essential gadgets to bring on your RV camping trip to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe.


Must-Have Pet Accessories & Tools For RV Travel

Collapsible Food & Water Bowls

As we mentioned in our kitchen essentials post, collapsible Tupperware is a must-have for camping trips. We also highly recommend purchasing a separate set for your pets. Not only are collapsible food bowls easy to store, but they are vital for long hiking trips. You can store the bowls in your hiking backpack and pop them out when your pup needs some water.

Comfy Pet Bed

Your pet will need a comfortable place to rest on long RV road trips. Thus, we recommend investing in a high-quality bed. Memory foam beds are a popular option, but they can be on the pricey side. Regardless of what type of bed you choose, it is necessary to ensure the bed is durable and cozy. Plus, you can always bring your pet’s bed from home to help relieve any travel anxieties they may have.

First Aid Kit

It is imperative to have a first aid kit on hand for any camping trip. Many online retailers offer ones customized for your furry family members, such as this stellar first aid kit from Amazon that includes a tik remover.

Flea & Tick Shampoo

Encounters with fleas and ticks are quite common on camping trips, especially in heavily wooded areas. Therefore, it is crucial to pack a high-quality pet shampoo to combat such issues. Your pets will also get dirty running around the campground or trails, meaning the product will come in handy.

Be sure to visit your vet to ensure all your pet’s shots are up to date before your trip. Plus, it is helpful to bring copies of their documents with you in case any issues arise.

Interactive Pet Toys

Pets may become restless after spending many hours in an RV, so packing toys to keep them entertained and distracted is essential. Some examples of interactive toys include chew toys, laser pointers, and slow feeder bowls. We also recommend packing some of their favorite toys from home to help with the adjustment to the new space.

Outdoor Dog Pen

Packing a portable outdoor dog pen is an excellent way to keep our furry friends in a safe space while enjoying the fresh air on camping trips. They come in all different shapes and sizes, accommodating a wide range of dog breeds.

Portable Dog Gate or Screen Door

If your RV does not have a screen door, it may be worth investing in a portable screen or gate when traveling with pets. Having the extra coverage at the door can prevent the risk of your pet running off on its own. This portable screen door from Amazon is heavy-duty and fits easily into different trailer sizes. Although, traditional dog gates are an excellent substitute.

Small Pet Backpack Carrier

Backpack carriers are perfect for small pets, including cats, rabbits, and tiny dog breeds. It is often tricky to perform leash training with older cats, so having a quality carrier is necessary to keep them safe on the go. This durable, lightweight carrier from Amazon is easy to carry, available in various colors, and has a ventilated window for your pet to take in the scenery.