All About S’mores

All About S’mores

Roasting marshmallows over the open campfire is an essential activity on any RV camping trip. From sharing ghost stories to making s’mores, some of the best memories made at the campground will be around the fire pit.

S’mores are super fun and straightforward to make, especially with the assistance of a blazing campfire. The easy-to-make dessert only requires three primary ingredients: chocolate, marshmallows, and Graham Crackers. Although, you can always substitute any of these ingredients based on your personal preference.

This post will discuss the origins of these gooey treats while providing some exciting ways to switch up the classic s’more recipe.


Origins Of S’mores

Everyone’s favorite campfire treat has quite a unique origin story. The Girl Scouts of America crafted the first s’more recipe. Making the sweet treats while bonding with each other over the open campfire was a tradition these young women cherished. Hence, the written recipe for “some mores” was published in their official guidebook by Loretta Scott Crew back in 1927.

Although, it is debated that the recipe stems from Victorian-era sandwich cookies. These were commonly made but often contained a fruit jam or cream filling rather than chocolate.

S’mores quickly became popular amongst campers in Canada and the United States following the late 1920s. Today, supermarkets widely sell out of marshmallows during the summer months due to an increased demand for s’mores.

Regardless of how this yummy snack came to be, we are just happy that s’mores exist for us to enjoy on our camping trips.


Fun Alternative S’more Recipes

One of the best parts about s’mores is that your ingredients are entirely customizable. While the classic recipe is tasty, it is always exciting to be adventurous with your food. For example, you may substitute traditional milk chocolate for a decadent dark chocolate variety if that is more up your alley.

The options for your s’more making venture are endless! Here are a few ideas for alternative s’more recipes that you should give a try during your next camping trip.

  • Cookies and Cream S’mores – For an exciting twist on classic s’mores, use a cookies and cream chocolate bar as a filling. Swapping on the chocolate flavor in your s’mores is the easiest way to customize your dessert.
  • Peanut Butter S’mores – Add a generous layer of peanut butter to your graham crackers while assembling your s’mores for added protein
  • Nutella S’mores – Skip the chocolate altogether and use Nutella as the base for your s’mores. (PRO TIP: If you have access to a freezer or cooler, wrap any leftovers in aluminum foil to enjoy later. They are nearly as tasty as they are when served warm!)


BONUS TREAT: Banana Boats

Are you not a fan of graham crackers or biscuits? If so, this twist on the traditional s’more’s recipe may be perfect for you. Carve out a ripe banana and stuff it with your desired filling. We recommend adding marshmallows and chocolate as per usual. Then, wrap your bananas in aluminum foil and allow them to roast over the open campfire.