Best Games To Bring Along On An RV Road Trip

Best Games To Bring Along On An RV Road Trip

When planning a camping or RV road trip, it is essential to remember to bring along some entertainment. Whether you need to keep small children entertained on the road or want an exciting campfire activity, you can never go wrong with packing your favorite board game.

We have compiled a list of a few games that we believe are ideal to play on your next RV road trip for this post.


Games You Can Play On The Road

It is challenging to have the whole family participate in games while someone is focusing their attention on the road. Below are a few games that even the driver can partake in from time to time.


This classic road trip game is exciting to play while exploring new places. It keeps everyone attentive to their surroundings so they appreciate the change in scenery and notice things they may not have before. To play, one person selects something in their point of view to “spy” while the other players must guess what they chose.

Heads Up

Unlike some other games on this list, Heads Up is an app available on your iPhone. Thus, you can easily access it if you have cellphone service. It is essentially a charades game where the players take turns holding the phone with words over their forehead as the other players provide clues to what the words say. There is an assortment of packs available, such as animals, celebrities, and blockbuster movies.

Plus, one of the best parts of this game is that your phone records the other players trying to give out clues. This allows for some funny videos to look back on when you reminisce about your trip in the future.

The License Plate Game

Another classic North American road trip staple, this game consists of finding a license plate from every Canadian province while on the road. There are scorecards available to download online that each player can use to track what they found throughout the road trip.


Games You Can Bring To Play At The Campsite

Below is a list of games you can pack to play at the campsite or when there is downtime on the car ride. Plus, you may already have some of these games on hand at home!

  • Cards Against Humanity – This is more of an adults-only game but extremely fun to play after a few boozy beverages.
  • Cornhole – Some RV parks have this game available, but they sell portable sets with beanbags to bring along on your trip.
  • Jenga – Traditional Jenga is great and all, but if you can get your hands on a giant version, everyone in your party is sure to have a blast.
  • Monopoly – This is an excellent board game to play for people of all ages.
  • Pictionary – This board game is similar to charades but with drawing pictures! It is amusing and gives the artists of the group a bit of an advantage.
  • Playing Cards – May be used for playing poker, blackjack, and even drinking games like king’s cup.
  • Uno – Be sure to set the ground rules before playing this game because Uno gets everyone involved feeling competitive fast.


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