Can You Camp All Year-Round in BC?

Can You Camp All Year-Round in BC?

British Columbia is a beautiful province, and campers get to experience it in a whole different light. For those who truly want to experience the great outdoors, with all its difference faces in BC, then camping year-round is the solution. You can camp all-year round in British Columbia, however the true question should be: are you prepared for winter camping in BC? Do you have the right insurance? 

You’re probably already well-aware that a self-propelled RV requires third-party liability insurance in British Columbia, and you cannot operate on public roadways without it. That’s a no-brainer. But what about other insurance implications that come with camping year-round? Well, you might want to consider investing in full-time RV insurance.  

What is Full-Time RV Insurance? 

Living in your RV full-time, or someone who camps all year-round in British Columbia? You may want to consider purchasing full-time RV insurance in BC. The first step to acquiring this coverage is to be honest with your broker about the use of your RV.  

Full-time RV insurance in BC is a little different than ordinary coverage for those who only use their recreational vehicles in the summertime, or every couple of weekends.

Full-time RV users may be individuals who have no permanent residence but travel between the US and Canada, people who live half the year in Canada and travel to a residence in the US for the winter, people who have a home that is currently being built and use their RV in the meantime, have a permanent parking spot in a campground or in a resort and use their RV as a primary residence, etc. This is just a small sampling of scenarios. Full-time RV use may vary. 

Full-time RV use may merit a number of full-time coverages, including third party liability, contents coverage, third-party liability, travel medical, and emergency vacation expenses. Full-time RV usage may also merit higher limits than if you were using your RV only some of the time.  

You may be asked the following questions as a full-time RVer: 

  • Do you have a permanent parking spot or do you travel full-time? 
  • Do you have a permanent residence in either Canada or the United States? 
  • Is this living situation temporary, or do you plan to be live in your RV full-time? 
  • Do you work from your RV? 
  • Are you the sole driver of your RV? 
  • Do you keep any expensive or valuable items inside your RV? 

RecProtect can help you get the best RV insurance in BC quicker than ever. Whether you want full-time RV insurance in BC or if you’re looking to insure an RV you only use in the summertime, we have you covered. Just apply for a free RV insurance quote in BC, or discuss with one of our brokers today. 

Do I need RV storage insurance? 

Storage RV insurance is useful for those who may not be using their RV full-time and instead opt to store it on their property, whether securely in their backyard or parked in the driveway. It can be risky to store an RV. There’s always the risk that your RV may be broken into, stolen, vandalized.  

This is where it comes in handy to have RV storage insurance. RV storage insurance is designed for protecting RVs that are out-of-commission for part of the year or for the winter months against risks that may come with being stored on your property.  

Year-Round RV Camping Tips 

You already know how to camp in the summer. The real difficulties lie in the winter season when temperatures become less mild and more extreme. You’ll need to ensure you’ve got the gear for it, the mindset, and the strategy. Here are some tips:  

  • Create a gear list, including all the things you need to keep warm. Include lots of layers!  
  • Opt for clothes that are made of wool or synthetic base layers.  
  • Keep some toe and hand warmers in your back pocket. 
  • Wear boots with traction that are waterproof. 
  • For setting up a camp-site, bring a shovel. If you’re looking to make a fire outside your RV, be prepared with wood, paper, lighters, and fire starters. 
  • Bring enough wood. 
  • Dig a hole to prevent your fire from collapsing as the snow melts around it.  
  • Bring extra fuel.  
  • Pack meals that are easy and quick to prepare. You’ll want to opt for single pots or freeze-dried meals. Cooking and cleaning up while wearing full snow gear can be difficult. 
  • Bring additional tarps. 
  • Make sure that you include extra batteries for your lighting and flashlights – sometimes the cold weather can cause batteries to die prematurely. 
  • Electronic appliances lose power quickly when it’s cold outside. Use portable power packs that are easily transported. 

If you’re set on your next camping trip, including the more extreme winter season in BC, then start with a free RV insurance quote in BC with RecProtect. You can get a quote in under 60 seconds and begin on coverage as soon as you need it.