Essential Bathroom Appliances You Will Need For A Successful RV Camping Trip

Essential Bathroom Appliances You Will Need For A Successful RV Camping Trip

Many people prefer RV camping to tent camping since trailers offer more amenities, including a functional bathroom. No matter how small your RV’s bathroom is, you can still make it clean and cozy in time for your next road trip.

Below is a list we have compiled of some bathroom appliances and gadgets that will make RV travel a whole lot easier.


Must-Have Bathroom Appliances & Tools For RV Travel

Air Freshener

Nobody wants a smelly bathroom! Invest in an air freshener or essential oil diffuser to keep your bathroom smelling clean at all times. Additionally, you can customize your scents based on your mood or current season, allowing your RV to feel super cozy.

Antibacterial Wipes

These handy antibacterial wipes are useful in so many ways. They are excellent for cleaning and sanitizing countertops, sinks, trash cans, and other surfaces. Furthermore, properly disinfecting your space is especially useful for those who rent out their RVs to others.

Bath Mat

Bath mats or rugs are a staple in most bathrooms around the nation. The mats come in handy to keep your feet and floor dry after showers. Plus, you can get creative with your decor (even in a small space) by purchasing a beautifully designed bathroom rug.


Living in tight quarters like trailers can lead to unforeseen issues, including harmful mold. RV bathrooms, in particular, may trap excess moisture. Thus, investing in a high-quality, small de-humidifier for your bathroom is a great way to relieve some of the moisture build-ups.

Hanging Shower Organizer

Shower organizers are beneficial for storing all your toiletries in an easily accessible way. Various retailers sell many different types of these organizers, including those hanging over the shower head or sticking directly to the wall. Any hanging design will work well to keep your items off the counter and out of sight.

Motion Sensor Bathroom Light

Installing a motion sensor light in your bathroom is a total game-changer for RV camping. It is sure to come in handy for late-night trips to the bathroom, especially when traveling with young children afraid of the dark. This sensor night light from Amazon plugs right into an outlet.

RV Toilet Paper

This one may sound odd, but most trailer enthusiasts know about specific toilet paper designed for your RV. It dissolves significantly faster than standard toilet paper varieties, which is crucial to prevent clogging or sewage build-up. Nobody wants to deal with any gross issues! So be sure to pick up a few rolls of RV toilet paper.

Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holders are handy for minimizing excess counter space. Plus, it keeps your toothbrush in a designated area to remain clean. We recommend a wall-mounted version like this one on Amazon as it saves the most space.


You will need to pack many towels for your RV road trip, primarily if you aim to visit a waterfront campground. From swimming to showering, you will constantly need new towels. It is not easy to do laundry daily in an RV. Therefore, we recommend packing extra towels to hand on hand for those days you cannot wash a load. You can also invest in micro-fiber hair towels to keep your hair feeling soft even on the road.