RV Maintenance Before You Hit the Road

RV Maintenance Before You Hit the Road

If you’re just getting on board with the RV life, or have been a “lifer”, there are a few things that we can all do prior to “takin’ off”.

Whether your rig is new or has cruised down many roads, you’ll want to stay on top of your trailer maintenance to enjoy all your adventures and retain the rig’s value.

Before you embark on your excursion, you’ll need to do some maintenance work.

This will mitigate any chances of cutting your trip short and will provide you with peace of mind knowing your RV is ready for the road.


1. Inspect the Roof

RV roofs are susceptible to environmental and sun damage. The issue can go undetected for long periods of time as we hardly get up the roof. To avoid expensive roof replacements or water damage inside your RV, check the seals and seams every 3 months and before every trip. If there are leaks, use a sealant that matches your RV’s roof, then coat it with a UV protectant.


2. Examine the Tires

After prolonged storage, your RV’s tires will not be in the same shape you left them in. Top off the air pressure and look for signs of wear, tear, and bulging. Make sure to tighten the wheel lug nuts since vibrations may cause them to may loosen up while driving.


3. Service Your RV Generator

Your onboard generator needs to be in trip-ready shape before you venture out. It’s your source of power when you can’t access a hookup. To extend its lifespan, turn it on and let it warm up for 5-10 minutes, then power a heavy load like your RV’s AC for 30 minutes. Make sure you also read the owner’s manual to learn how often to change the oil and filter.


4. Check for any pre-existing damage

Items such as roof vents and awnings are susceptible to blowing off when in transit. A quick five-minute inspection of each movable piece of equipment to ensure that it is securely fastened will provide you with great peace of mind. If there are any signs of water inside, be sure to correct the issue before departing, as rainwater will continue to seep through your roof, windows, doors, slide-outs, edges, and vents causing further damage to your trailer.


5. Clean the Holding Tanks

Inspecting your freshwater, gray water, and black water tanks will have to be present in your RV maintenance checklist. If you haven’t used your recreational vehicle for some time, use bleach and clean water to flush your freshwater tank. You should also deep clean your gray and black tanks at least once every three months.


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