The Ultimate Fishing Boat Must-Have List: A Guide To Outfitting Your Fishing Vessel

The Ultimate Fishing Boat Must-Have List: A Guide To Outfitting Your Fishing Vessel

Heading out on the water for a little fishing? Are you prepared? Are you sure? Look, there’s nothing more relaxing than spending a few hours on a boat casting some lines, but preparedness is the key to getting the most from the experience. From boat insurance to bait tanks, you can enhance your enjoyment of the experience and learn to fall in love with fishing all over again by preparing your vessel ahead of time.

Below are some expert suggestions for must-have fishing equipment before you head out on the water for your next excursion:


Fish Finder/GPS Combo

Every fishing enthusiast knows the best spots, but it never hurts to have a little help, right? A fish finder/GPS combo device not only lets you know what’s happening beneath your boat but it can also help you remember where you were when you caught that prized catch during your last outing. Some GPS bass boat technology allows users to save maps and mark spots, so you never have an excuse for why you didn’t come home with the “big one”. These devices are available in a range of prices, but purchasing boat equipment coverage is always a good idea to protect onboard electronics.


Trolling Motor

If you’re going to hunt the fish, you must move like the fish. Fish are quiet. You need to be quiet too. A trolling motor is the perfect solution for times when you need to maneuver your fishing boat quietly, slowly and into tight spots. You won’t disturb the fish, and you’ll still be able to position yourself perfectly to get the most bites.


Rod Holders

Rod holders are perfect for, well, holding fishing rods. These handy devices provide a solution to free up your hands to crack open a drink, enjoy a snack, check your phone or do pretty much anything else, all while your line stays in the water. As an added bonus, rod holders can do most of the work for you if you ever find that you need to take a look at the back of your eyelids for a little bit.


Livewell System

Although you’re probably going to eat your catch, you want your fish to stay as fresh as possible, meaning you want to keep them healthy and alive until it’s time to prepare your meal. A livewell system helps make this happen as these systems allow fish to receive oxygenated water while you continue fishing. These systems can be complex or simple, but you need one if you plan to get the most out of your fishing trip.



Fish like to play games, and some of the best catches try to play hide-and-seek in deep waters. Don’t let them get away with that! Use a downrigger on your boat to target specific depths while trolling to reel in some great catches. Downriggers come in different sizes, but they can be invaluable for getting your lures positioned just right.



Sometimes it pays to have added reach when out on the water, and this is exactly what outriggers provide. If you want to add stability to your fishing setup, install some outriggers to expand your reach and spread your lines across a wider area. Because outriggers can be expensive, you’re going to want to add boat equipment insurance coverage to protect your gear in the event of a mishap.


Bait Tank

Humans like fresh food, and interestingly enough, fish happen to like fresh food too. Fresh bait tends to attract more fish, but keeping worms, nightcrawlers and other live bait in stuffy containers is an easy way to kill the bait fast. Instead, keep a bait tank on your boat to allow bait like minnows and crickets to stay alive, fresh and ready to be gobbled up by fish. You’ll attract more fish, and in a pinch, you’ve also got a nutritious snack on standby.


Casting Platform

Many fishing enthusiasts like swimming, but you probably don’t plan on doing any swimming while heading out on your boat to fish. Unfortunately, many people end up in the water each year because they get caught up in reeling in big catches. To stay dry, install a casting platform that provides enough stability to keep you level and upright when casting lines and reeling in fish.


Fish Cleaning Station

Fish guts are a part of life when you’re out on the water, but this doesn’t mean you have to let them get all over your boat. Aside from the mess, cleaning and filleting fish on your boat can lead to slippery conditions. This is why you must have a dedicated cleaning station where the mess can be contained. Your cleaning station should also feature a waste receptacle of some kind where you can keep refuse to discard back on shore if you don’t plan on throwing it back into the water.


Boat Cooler Seat

No fishing trip is complete without snacks and drinks, but in tight quarters, cans, bottles and bags can clutter up valuable space and possibly even lead to trips and falls. Instead of taking chances, maximize your space by bringing along a cooler seat. These double as both storage containers and seating areas, minimizing the risk of trips and falls while keeping you refreshed.


Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is crucial if you want to protect your investment. Many fishing enthusiasts overlook this key detail when planning a trip to the lake or when heading out on the ocean, but without boat insurance, your vessel and all of your boat equipment may be in jeopardy. In fact, all it takes is a simple accident to see all of your fishing gear heading into deep waters, and if you don’t have equipment coverage, you may be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Equipment coverage is available for bass boat technology, vessels of every size and fishing gear of every quality level. The best part is that boat insurance for vessels and fishing equipment is usually quite affordable.


An Awesome Boat Name

Of course, no boat is complete without an awesome name. After all, how else will you show who’s boss without an authoritative boat name that strikes fear into the hearts of the fish? In all seriousness, you do want to give your vessel a memorable name as this can be helpful for recognition. How badass your name turns out is up to you, but make sure it’s something that others can use to identify your boat in the event of an emergency.


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