Why Do You Need The Right RV Insurance?

Why Do You Need The Right RV Insurance?

Did you recently purchase a new Recreational Vehicle (RV)? Congratulations!

RV travel allows for some life-changing opportunities, including easy access to drive cross-country. It will essentially become your second home on wheels. Plus, some of the best memories are made on road trips. Thus, we wish you a lifetime of exciting times with your new vehicle.

Now that you are officially an RV owner, it is crucial that you take all necessary steps to keep it safe. One way to do that is by selecting a fair yet functional RV insurance policy. Having separate insurance for your trailer is necessary since automobile insurance does not cover this aspect. It will only be protected by third-party liability if your trailer is towed by your already insured vehicle.

Similar to how you would purchase insurance for your automobile or home, travel trailer or another type of RV insurance policy will protect your new trailer from physical damage. RecProtect is here to help our clients feel safer and more comfortable on the road.

We provide trailer insurance throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. If you want to make a claim or learn more about our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits Of Having Trailer Insurance

There are many benefits to having not just any trailer insurance, but the right trailer insurance. These insurance policies are customized to best suit RV travelers’ needs. Plus, it is a relatively more affordable type of insurance that can accommodate your budget.

If you have an active RV insurance policy, some things you can expect protection from are:

Accidents & Collisions

We all know that accidents can happen to even the best of drivers. Trailer insurance will cover trailer damage as a result of an at fault or not at fault accident with another vehicle, or you hit tree branches, deer and many more!

Emergency Vacation Expense and Emergency Road Side Service

If you are involved in a loss to your trailer, there is Emergency Vacation Expense built into the policy to provide funds to rent a trailer and continue with your holiday. Furthermore, if tow truck is required, there is coverage built in to assist in the costs associated with roadside services.

Contents Coverage

When purchasing trailer insurance, most people only think of the RV cost to repair/replace but we all know how quickly contents of trailer can accumulate. If the trailer is stolen, you will need to replace TV’s, dishes, lawn chairs, barbecues and even kayaks which we stored in the trailer while on the journey. These contents can add up fast!

Replacement Cost Coverage

Trailers for the most part are similar to an automobile as in they are a depreciating asset. While buying a new trailer, you want to make sure you have replacement cost coverage to get you back in a new unit as if the loss never happened. In the event of a loss, if you have an insufficient policy you may be put in a used trailer as depreciation will be applied.

Get a Fast RV Insurance Quote

Whether you are headed out camping in your travel trailer or planning a Winter break in your fifth wheel, acquiring a solid insurance policy should be at the top of your to-do list. We can get you a quick RV insurance quote based on your current model type and RV lifestyle. Call us today!

If you still have questions about what exactly is covered, check out our previous post on understanding RV insurance.