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We love our watercrafts for good reason. They provide us the freedom we desire to go boating with our family and friends whenever we want. RecProtect helps safeguard that freedom by providing you boat insurance in Barrie. You can get a boat insurance quote in Barrie online for free and begin with your comprehensive protection package today.

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Finding the Best Boat Insurance in Barrie

We want to help ensure that both you and your boat can be kept afloat. No matter your frequency of use, there are risks that come with owning a recreational vehicle. If you own a boat, it’s a big deal! You also know that a boat is a pretty significant investment. What would you do if something happened to your beloved watercraft?

Boat insurance in Barrie protects more than just your boat. It also protects your liability. If you were held accountable for property damage or even injuries to a third-party while you were operating your vehicle, it could cost you huge in settlement fees. Fortunately, RecProtect offers packages for boat insurance in Barrie that includes liability coverage.

We can cover all your boats, no matter the type. You can enjoy quality boat insurance in Barrie with our advice and suggestions. We want to help you keep your boat safe just as much as you do. We are well aware of all the risks that boat owners face and can design you a protection package accordingly.

Get a free boat insurance quote in Barrie today in under 60 seconds. You can apply online today and there is no obligation.

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Boat Insurance in Barrie: How it Helps

How does boat insurance help Barrie watercraft owners protect their investments? Your average boat insurance policy in Barrie will likely cover:

  • Bodily injury/property damage liability
  • Full replacement
  • Wreck removal
  • Water sports
  • Fuel spill
  • …and more

Our boat insurance brokers in Barrie are eager to discuss with you what your coverage needs ar today. We want to get to know the watercraft you and your family treasure and how we can protect it best. We will break down your policy for you so that you know what is covered and what is not. You will never be “unclear” about what is included in your coverage with us. Depending on your situation, we may recommend several optional coverages that could help to supplement your protection. These include:

Fishing Equipment/Watercraft Gear

If your boat contains any scuba gear, fishing equipment, etc., you may want to purchase additional coverage to include these items on your boat. You can buy coverage for full replacement up to $10,000 for your fishing gear and up to $5,000 in addition for any personal belongings.

Collision & Comprehensive

Comprehensive and collision are two individual coverage options, just like they are for your vehicle. Comprehensive includes “acts of God” such as natural disaster, fire, weather events, and theft or vandalism, whereas collision is for covering damages due to an accident with another boat, dock, or even submerged objects.

Uninsured or Underinsured Boater

If you are ever involved in an accident with another boater who has no coverage or little, this coverage can offset any damages or injuries up to a stated limit.

Get started on some of the best coverage possible by applying for a boat insurance quote in Barrie today – for free, online. It only takes a couple of clicks and RecProtect can get you a quote in sixty seconds or less. We believe that our watercrafts are more than just aquatic vehicles we can “take for a spin” whenever we feel like it. They’re more than that – they’re memories and fun times, and they need the right protection. We have made a way to get coverage faster than ever. Buy it, Insure it, and Enjoy it right away.

All the Boats We Can Insure

Not every boat is built the exact same, and not every boat requires the same coverage. At RecProtect, we believe that “boat” is just a word that loosely applies to your watercraft. In truth, every boat has a different use and requires different coverage. There are plenty of variables with the different kinds of boats out there. We offer boat insurance in Barrie that considers the factors your boat’s type presents. Here are some of the boats we insure:

  • Fishing boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Personal watercraft (sea-doos, jet skis, etc.)
  • Powerboats

Do you see your boat type in the list above? If not, get in touch with our boat insurance brokers in Barrie as soon as is possible for you to discuss how we can protect your watercraft.

How much does boat insurance in Barrie cost?

Let’s face it: boats don’t come cheap. You might hesitate on boat insurance in Barrie due to worries over the cost, but it can actually save you some huge expenses later down the line if anything were to happen. Next to repairs, replacements or a lawsuit, boat insurance in Barrie is a small price to pay.

  • On average, boat insurance in Barrie may cost between $300 and $600/year.
  • This means you will only have to pay between $29 and $50/month.

Look after your beloved investments and fun times with RecProtect. We want to find you coverage that works – but also coverage that fits within your budget.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

RecProtect offers its comprehensive boat insurance to Barrie boat owners who have a passion for getting out on their watercraft for another adventure. If you live in the province of Ontario and own a boat, you can give us a call today or whenever works for you to discuss acquiring coverage.

Your next vacation awaits. Hit the open water without worrying about all the “what ifs” – RecProtect wants to look after its clients and offers the chance to apply for a free boat insurance quote in Barrie in real-time, so that you can get coverage faster and have peace of mind ASAP. Get your no-obligation, free boat insurance quote in Barrie as soon as you need it in only a few clicks.

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RecProtect Quote FAQ

Question: How simple is the process?

Answer: With RecProtect, you are able to purchase a policy online without speaking to a broker. Simply follow the steps and enter the information as prompted. When you reach the quote, you will see an option to complete your application, highlighted in blue. Once the application is complete you will be directed to sign and enter in credit card information to pay for your policy. RecProtect offers a one-time payment for the year. Once the policy is paid for using a regular credit card or Visa/Mastercard Debit, you will receive the official policy documents in your inbox within minutes!

Question: Have Questions during the quote process?

Answer: Select "Return to Broker" in the bottom left of page if you wish to have a broker review your application. A broker will contact you once application is reviewed. If it is time sensitive, call (888) 887 0881.

Question: Don't have enough time to complete the quote?

Answer: Select "Save and Continue Later" if you wish to revisit the application at a later time. You will receive an email with a link to the application you have started. This will retain all of the data you have entered and will allow you to sign and pay for the application at a time that works best for you.

Question: Questions on coverages?

Answer: Two Settlement Options: Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.

1. Replacement Cost: Replacement Cost will have no deduction for depreciation of any kind, this is conditional on insuring the unit for replacement cost of a brand new unit including taxes and any additions.

Ages to qualify for replacement cost:

  • Travel and Fifth Wheel Trailers: Up to 15 years old
  • Park Model Trailers: Up to 25 years old
  • Watercraft: Up to 15 years old

2. Actual Cash Value or Fair Market Value: The Actual Cash Value is the current market value of the unit which includes depreciation. The value is calculated at the time of the time of loss and is based on similar comparables in the marketplace less any costs that would have made your item ready for sale.

Question: What is covered?

Answer: Common claims that are covered are: Fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, collision, theft, vermin and falling objects.

Still have questions? Contact us at: (888) 887 0881.