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Boat insurance in Burlington is a non-negotiable for boat owners who love their watercrafts and what they allow them to do. Lucky for them, RecProtect’s experts know boat insurance in Burlington better than your typical brokers and know how much your boat means to you – we love ours, too! With RecProtect, you can find a boat insurance quote in Burlington, free, in 60 seconds or less. You can start today or whenever works for you.

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Finding the Best Boat Insurance in Burlington

Here at RecProtect, we guarantee that the packages we offer for our clients are tailored to their needs so that they get the peace of mind they deserve when out and about and even when their boats are docked. We take into account how often you use your boat, how safe you drive, what you use it for, and so much more so that your risks are all accounted for. We want you to keep making memories the same way without having to worry about all the “what ifs” – and boat insurance in Burlington from RecProtect is the perfect way to do that.

Boat insurance in Burlington takes care of more than just the actual, physical boat. It protects your liability as well, in the event you are on the hook for some serious lawsuit expenses after causing bodily injury or property damage to a third party. RecProtect includes coverage for these events in our packages for boat insurance in Burlington.

There are so many kinds of boats out there – and we protect them all! Enjoy boat insurance in Burlington today that is specific to your needs so that you and your family both have the confidence they need knowing the experts are here to help them out. We want a protection plan that you feel comfortable trusting while you go out boating.

Want a quote today? No problem. The process of getting a boat insurance quote in Burlington is accomplishable in 60 seconds or less when you work with RecProtect, it’s free, and it comes with no obligation.

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Boat Insurance in Burlington: How it Helps

Boat insurance in Burlington is a non-negotiable for maintaining boat owners’ peace of mind while out and about boating. Your typical policy for for boat insurance in Burlington may include also have coverage for these items:

  • Bodily injury/property damage liability
  • Full replacement
  • Wreck removal
  • Water sports
  • Fuel spill
  • …and more

Our boat insurance brokers in Burlington cannot wait to get to know you and why you use your boat. We will account for your budget and your needs when we tailor you a policy so that you have the best options fitted to your requirements when it’s time to choose. We believe in a “personal touch” and understand what your boats mean to you – we love ours too! We may even suggest some of the following insurance additions:

Fishing Equipment/Watercraft Gear

If you have any scuba gear or fishing equipment on your boat, there is protection for those items, too. You can purchase full replacement coverage for up to $10,000, and get an additional $5,000 on top of that for any personal belongings you bring with you on your boat.

Collision & Comprehensive

Just as they are with your car, comprehensive and collision are two different coverages. Collision includes protection for accidents with docks, submerged objects, or other boats on the water, and comprehensive covers “acts of God” such as falling objects, vandalism, fire, and other weather events.

Uninsured or Underinsured Boater

Uninsured or underinsured boaters are huge risks on the water, but if you are ever involved in an accident or collision with one, know that this coverage can offset a significant portion or cover the cost of any damages or injuries that may be incurred.

You can begin on coverage that is tailored to your circumstances today by applying for a boat insurance quote in Burlington. It costs nothing from you besides a measly 60 seconds of your time, and you can do it all online! Our process to getting boat insurance in Burlington is quicker than ever. With RecProtect, you can Buy It, Insure It, and Enjoy It right away.

All the Boats We Can Insure

No one boat is identical to another. RecProtect takes into consideration model, make, usage, and more when carefully tailoring a plan that suits your needs. We believe that “boat” is too broad a term to really encompass what your vehicle is to you. We offer boat insurance in Burlington that takes into account what your watercraft is about. Here are some of the examples of boats we insure:

  • Fishing boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Personal watercraft (sea-doos, jet skis, etc.)
  • Powerboats

Is your family’s beloved boat not named above? Not to worry – you can call our boat insurance brokers in Burlington whenever works best for you to see what kind of plan we have in store for you.

How much does boat insurance in Burlington cost?

Boats are not “minor” investments, and tend to come with a pretty hefty price tag attached. If something was to happen, how much would it cost to make the necessary repairs or replacements? Worse, what about a lawsuit? If you are concerned over the price of boat insurance in Burlington, know that coverage is essentially a negligible cost next to what it could cost you to have to replace your boat.

  • On average, boat insurance in Burlington may cost between $300 and $600/year.
  • This means you will only have to pay between $29 and $50/month.

You can get started on quality protection for not only your boats, but your good times and family members when you apply for a boat insurance quote in Burlington with RecProtect. This process takes less than a minute to do.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

RecProtect provides boat insurance to Burlington watercraft lovers who adore their recreational vehicles for all they allow us to do. If you live in the province of Ontario and are a boat owner, get in touch with RecProtect today to see what we can do for you.

We get it; your next adventure awaits, and you’re in a hurry to get going! You will be happy to know that RecProtect’s innovative means of finding you a quote takes 60 seconds or even less, and requires no obligation from you. Get your boat insurance quote in Burlington today with us via our online application. It’s free, and takes only a minute out of your busy day so you can get coverage faster than ever.

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