Boat Insurance in Guelph

Boat insurance in Guelph is a must-have purchase for those who love their boats and want to ensure they can keep theirs safe in order to continue making memories for many years to come. RecProtect offers an innovative way of purchasing boat insurance in Guelph that guarantees your package is tailored to your needs – and you can get it faster than ever. No more taking hours of your days answering hundreds of questions! RecProtect loves our boats too, and wants to help you look after yours. We know why residents love their boats – because of the things they allow us to do! You can begin today, or whenever works for you.

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Getting the Best Boat Insurance in Guelph

What we offer for boat insurance in Guelph is always tailored to the needs of our clients, taking into account their situation, why they use their boat, what kind of boat they have, and more. This is important because your coverage should reflect your peace of mind to protect against any risks you may face on the water and while your boat is docked.

Boat insurance in Guelph can also safeguard your liability, too. If you were held accountable for someone else’s injury or damage to their property, your coverage can offset or cover any resulting legal expenses.

There are so many kinds of boats out there, and we want to protect them all. Enjoy comprehensive boat insurance in Guelph that factors in the boat you own so that you have full faith your coverage is enough when you’re out boating with your friends and family.

You can get a quote right now. RecProtect offers you a chance to get a boat insurance quote in Guelph in a measly 60 seconds. It’s free to do and comes with no obligation.

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Boat Insurance in Guelph: How it Helps

Boat insurance in Guelph is a must for boat owners so that they can forget all those “what ifs” while out and about. Your policy will likely cover the following items:

  • Bodily injury/property damage liability
  • Full replacement
  • Wreck removal
  • Water sports
  • Fuel spill
  • …and more

Our boat insurance brokers in Guelph want to get to know your situation a little more so we can accurately design you a protection plan fitted to your needs. We take into account everything so that nothing is left out – and nothing unnecessary is added on! We may even suggest these endorsements to supplement your existing policy:

Fishing Equipment/Watercraft Gear

If your boat contains any scuba gear or fishing gear, you’ll be happy to know you can purchase up to $10,000 of full replacement and an additional $5,000 for any personal belongings carried on your boat. If you are an avid fisher, you know how much your tools cost!.

Collision & Comprehensive

Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage offset any expenses required to repair or replace your boat as a result of an insured peril named in your policy. Just like your automobile insurance, these are separate coverages and protect against incidents with submerged objects, docks, and other boats (collision) and falling objects, fire and weather events (comprehensive).

Uninsured or Underinsured Boater

Unfortunately, not every boater on the water has enough boat insurance – or a plan at all. If you were to get in an accident with a boater with little or no insurance, this coverage can help offset any costs that may arise from a collision.

RecProtect wants you to get coverage faster than ever, and makes that possible by allowing you to apply for a boat insurance quote in Guelph in less than a minute. It requires nothing of you beyond 60 seconds of your time and can be done online! With us, boat insurance in Guelph can be acquired quicker than ever. With RecProtect, you can Buy It, Insure It, and Enjoy It right away.

All the Boats We Can Insure

We believe that every boat is different. “Boat” is only a general term – in fact, there are so many different kinds! Each one faces its own unique risks. RecProtect’s boat insurance in Guelph takes into account your boat, its make, its model, and many other factors to ensure your package reflects your needs. Here are some boats we insure:

  • Fishing boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Personal watercraft (sea-doos, jet skis, etc.)
  • Powerboats

Is your boat not named above? Not to worry. Get in touch with our boat insurance brokers in Guelph from RecProtect to see what we can do for you.

How much does boat insurance in Guelph cost?

As much as we love them, it’s not easy to forget that boats are a significant investment. As such, many boat owners might find themselves hesitating on boat insurance. Guelph watercraft hobbyists will be happy to know that boat insurance in Guelph is only a small price next to what it could cost you to make repairs or replacements – or offset any legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit!

  • On average, boat insurance in Guelph may cost between $300 and $600/year.
  • This means you will only have to pay between $29 and $50/month.

You can get great protection in just a few short clicks. Take care of your family’s good times and future memories by applying for a boat insurance quote in Guelph. RecProtect has streamlined the process so that it only requires less than a minute from you.

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

RecProtect provides boat insurance to Guelph boat owners who want to keep on boating the way they did before: without worry. Do you live in the province of Ontario? If so, get in touch with RecProtect’s representatives today to see what we can do for you – no matter where you’re located!

Your next adventure is waiting for you. You’re in a hurry to get started – we get that. You can get a boat insurance quote in Guelph in just 60 seconds (or even less!) with RecProtect, online, for free – and it requires no obligation from you.

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