5 Best Trailer Covers For Winter Storage

5 Best Trailer Covers For Winter Storage

Winter is right around the corner! Therefore, it is time to take the proper precautions to protect your trailer from harsh weather conditions. Various issues can arise from ice damming to frozen plumbing systems when your vehicle is not correctly stored.

If you do not have access to an oversized garage or indoor storage facility, purchasing a durable and weather-resistant RV cover is essential. There is a wide range of different coverings available on the market to accommodate all trailer sizes.

Below are a few recommendations for high-quality RV covers that we believe are worth the investment. You may also check our blog post on winter maintenance tips for more information on how to winterize your trailer this season successfully.


Best RV Covers For Winter Storage

Camco 45741 RV Ultra Class C/Travel Trailer Cover

COST: Starting at $323.91 CAD

This stellar RV cover is budget-friendly yet durable. It is ideal for snowy weather conditions since it is made with triple-layer top panels to keep your roof safe. Camco trailer covers are also relatively affordable compared to some of the other options on this list.

Empire Covers Premier Class A RV Cover

COST: Starting at $429.99 CAD

You will be happy with this RV cover if you want a no-fuss, durable, and waterproof product. It contains a built-in air ventilation system that prevents excess moisture from developing, which may cause mold or mildew. The trailer cover is super easy to place on top of your RV despite the thickness of its material. Empire’s RV covers also boast a thirty-day return policy and three-year warranty period.

King Bird Extra Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover

COST: Starting at $849.67 CAD

While this trailer cover is more costly, it is incredibly high-quality. The price also includes tire covers, heavy-duty storage bags, and a two-year warranty that makes the investment more worthwhile by our standards. It features very thick, weather-resistant fabric with 3-Play layering along the sides and 4-Ply layering on the roof. The cover is also well-ventilated, which helps protect against moisture buildup and wind stress. Furthermore, there are zippered doors that easily roll up so you may access your trailer without completely removing the covering.

Leader Accessories Windproof Travel Trailer RV Cover

COST: Starting at $568.58 CAD

This durable trailer cover made with waterproof fabric boasts a four-layer top panel. It also features Anti-UV Ray properties, which come in handy for sun damage. Several happy customers raved about how straightforward it was to put the cover on their vehicle. It also comes with a twenty-four-month warranty, allowing the option to receive a replacement cover if any issues arise.

National RV Covers S2 Expedition Travel Trailer Cover

COST: Starting at $583.99 (Although the Black Friday deal states $349.99 for 15’ long RVs)

This terrific trailer cover is made with thick, waterproof material to keep your RV safe from all types of weather damage. It also features a micro-porous film that helps with ventilation and prevents mold development. Plus, the trailer arrives with a ladder cap, strap kit, storage duffle bag, heavy-duty roof straps, and a thirty-day fit guarantee. It also boasts a three-year-long warranty period ensuring that you have a backup plan.

A trailer cover is a great way to protect your investment and shield your RV from the harsh Canadian winters. Be ready for whatever mother nature throws at you with a custom trailer insurance policy from RecProtect.