6 Tips for Mitigating RV Theft in Ontario

6 Tips for Mitigating RV Theft in Ontario

Ontario RV owners love to camp – there’s no doubt about that. We love our RVs, where they can take us, and what they enable us to do without worry. We can go wherever in Ontario and know that we’re going to have a good time, thanks to the surplus of camping opportunities that the province presents to us. More than anything, we campers depend on the good nature of our neighbours – but what if that trust is broken, and something happens?

Theft is a nightmare. No one wants to wake up one more to find their beloved RV broken into, vandalized, or even gone completely. It’s a great thing to be able to get up and go camping whenever you want in Ontario, but sadly the reality is that things happen – and we need to take steps to prevent misfortune. Here are RecProtect’s 6 top tips for mitigating RV theft in Ontario.

Tip No. 1: Bolster your security.

Most RV owners subsist on the fact that they’re always around their RV, or it’s in-motion, or they’re at a safe campground and don’t make any efforts to strengthen their security systems. RVs need just as much security as any asset of yours, whether that’s your car, your home, etc. Many units may come with in-suite security alarms, and many models have security options available for purchase.

Tip No. 2: Implement a GPS tracking system.

With a GPS tracking system or device, not all is lost if your unit is stolen. Your RV may cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and not to mention the contents contained inside! If something happens and your unit seemingly disappears overnight, police and you can use a GPS tracking system to locate your RV and quickly remedy the situation.

Tip No. 3: Choose a safe campground.

Some campgrounds are safer than others. Ideally, a valid and safe campground will include gated access (that requires a code or a sign-in to access) with cameras, full perimeter fencing, alarms, and security lighting. All of these combined are huge deterrents to thieves and may physically impede burglars bent on accessing the campground.

Tip No. 4: Always lock up before you leave.

Are you only planning to step into a shop for a few minutes? Go for a little stroll? It doesn’t matter – lock your RV! Some break-ins can happen in just a few minutes of leaving your recreational vehicle unattended, and the ramifications can be massive. Just think of the value of the belongings you may have left behind in your RV. Even if it takes you a few extra minutes, lock up before you go.

Tip No. 5: Be mindful of social media.

We never want to expect the worst from people, but sometimes it’s just better to be safe than sorry. If you have a public social media profile where you share about your travels and exploits to your audience, you may want to consider posting about your current trip after it’s over. You never know if someone will use the opportunity to target your unoccupied vehicle if they’re aware that you aren’t present due to an Instagram or Snap story you shared to your public.

Tip No. 6: Get RV insurance in Ontario.

Will having insurance deter thieves? No, not necessarily. It’s not like a home security system where you can paste a sticker on the bumper of your RV and it will behave as a visual deterrent for thieves, and people won’t know your RV is insured just by looking at it. Rather, RV insurance in Ontario can include comprehensive coverage which covers theft of RVs as well as the theft of contents inside of your RV. This all depends on the wording of your policy. You may wish to address your coverage with an RV insurance broker, like those here at RecProtect, to review your policy with an expert eye and give you insights on your next upcoming trip.

RV insurance in Ontario isn’t to be used as your only mitigation effort against theft; it should be a last resort. While RV insurance isn’t always mandatory, it should still be purchased to protect your asset from the unexpected – such as theft, vandalism, etc. Policies may look different depending on the provider and options, so work with a broker to ensure you get everything you need!

We make getting RV insurance in Ontario easier than ever. You can get a quote in under 60 seconds with RecProtect today. After that, you can Buy it, Insure it, and Enjoy it immediately.