8 Tasty Snacks To Pack For An RV Road Trip

8 Tasty Snacks To Pack For An RV Road Trip

No road trip is complete without a variety of snacks to munch on during the car ride. Plus, you are going to want something quick and easy to eat when you arrive at the campsite or hiking trail.

Below are some suggestions for convenient yet delicious snacks you can pack for your next RV camping trip. Most of these treats are perfect for enjoying while on the road!


Best Snacks To Bring Along On Your Camping Trip

Beef Jerky

This savory snack made with dehydrated meat is ideal for camping! Jerky is an excellent source of protein, especially on hiking trips. It also boasts a significant shelf life, allowing for it to survive long RV road trips. An open pack of jerky will keep for about one week at room temperature and approximately two weeks in a cooler or refrigerator. In addition, it has a shelf life of up to one year when left unopened.

Campfire S’mores

Making these gooey treats over the open campfire is a must for any camping trip! Check out our blog post on s’mores to learn more about this stellar campfire treat and its variations.

Granola Bars

These simple grab-and-go snacks make perfect for day trips and quick breakfast meals. Most granola bars feature clean and nutritious ingredients that will keep you energized throughout your day.


This healthy snack pairs perfectly with crackers, pretzels, and pita bread. You can also incorporate hummus into your meals as a spread. The product can be easily stored in your cooler to maintain its freshness.

Potato Chips

You can never go wrong with packing your favorite brand of crispy potato chips. It may not be the healthiest treat on this list, but chips are delicious, ideal for dips, and have a long shelf life. Although, there is no judgment here if you accidentally finish a bag in one sitting!


This salty snack tastes great with dips, including hummus and guacamole. It also makes for an excellent addition to homemade trail mixes! Plus, it is a healthier alternative to standard potato chips.

Roasted Nuts

If you want a quick protein-packed snack that will keep you satisfied, you should pack a bag of roasted nuts. Furthermore, nuts are a fantastic source of fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, and heart-healthy fats. Similar to pretzels, you may also add leftover nuts to your trail mix.

Trail Mix

Trail mixes, much like roasted nuts, are lovely to snack on during hiking trips. Most grocery stores and online retailers sell variety packs featuring different ingredients, such as chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, and pretzels. Although, you can always whip up your own utilizing your favorite combination of salty and sweet treats.