An RVers Guide to Camping in British Columbia

An RVers Guide to Camping in British Columbia
*We do not insure RV’s for full time use. This is an informative post only*

Planning a camping trip, for many, is easy. We’ve done it before, we know what inventory to bring along, which campgrounds to reserve, and how to efficiently task each family member and friend with their respective camping duties. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with the same talents. If you’re new to camping in British Columbia, or if you’ve been around the block before but need a couple more tips, then this is the place for you. RecProtect are avid RV lovers too and want you to feel safe, secure, and prepared for when you get out and about to explore the great outdoors. What better place to do so than beautiful British Columbia?

To have a successful camping trip in BC, you only need a little bit of planning – and perhaps a little bit of RV insurance in BC to secure your peace of mind. Camping is a great way to create new memories with your family and friends – who would want to miss out on that? Here’s RecProtect’s RVer guide to camping in the province of British Columbia.

Do your research on campgrounds.

Not all campgrounds are designed equally. Some are more expensive, some are nearer to certain hikes and trails, and some offer different amenities. If you’re new to camping, some may even come equipped with proper showers and bathrooms, pre-built firepits, and more. If you aren’t ready to “rough it” on your own, you might do some additional research to find campgrounds in BC that are better suited to beginners, and nearer to easier trails.

Make an itinerary ahead of time.

This is a great tip for those who would be travelling with children or larger families. Even if it’s just you and a partner or one other person, it’s not a bad idea to determine how you’re going to fill your days ahead of time. An itinerary should account for the time you travel, time you spend at roadside attractions, hikes, and other camping activities. You should set aside time to arrive early at your campsite, especially if you are unsure of how to set up tents or this is your first time RV’ing. Bring some board games, card games, etc., if the weather should go bad.

Pack non-perishable, easy-to-cook and easy-to-clean meals.

When you’re truly “roughing it,” takeout isn’t an option. Plus, if you’re looking to save money, your best possible option is to meal prep ahead. Pack things like cans of beans, pasta and sauces, dried fruit and nuts, oats, etc., to make things quick and easy. Pack reusable utensils that are easy to wash so that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of plastic throwables and create a bunch of waste. Pack snacks! Especially if you’re travelling with young ones, it’s always good to have easy-to-carry, light snacks (like nuts and fruit, jerky, chips, etc.) on-hand in case they get hungry between meals.

Provide roles to each family member.

It’s no fun to be stuck as the person who cooks and/or cleans each and every mealtime. Or the person who chops and lays the firewood. Or even the person who has to put out the fire and ensure that the ashes are no longer smoldering each time! Give your family roles to do, but swap them out so that everyone feels like they get to do something different and contribute in different ways. For younger children who may not be able to do take on the same tasks, be mindful of this and try to account for what skills they have. They can help stack firewood, lay the tablecloth for mealtimes, etc.

Look for activities that campgrounds offer.

Some campgrounds offer more amenities than just a place to set up camp. Some may have pools that are free-to-use when you purchase a rental spot, and some may offer low-cost activities – even some for kids! When researching your potential campground, be mindful of what activities are available and take advantage. For some family members, certain activities may help to break up the day. Canoeing, learning to paddleboard, even horseback riding may all be options at your potential campground.

Note also that RecProtect offers discounts on RV insurance in BC for its preferred parks throughout the province of British Columbia. For more information regarding discounted parks, discuss with one of our brokers or apply for a free quote today.

Most importantly: don’t forget the insurance!

Anything could happen when you’re least expecting it. RV insurance in BC is a necessity when it comes to preserving you and your family’s peace of mind. A standard policy for RV insurance in BC may include protection for your RV’s physical structure, its contents, and you can choose from add-ons such as protection for your recreational vehicle’s detached structures, emergency roadside expenses, full-time RVer, and so much more.

Trailer insurance in BC may not be mandatory, but it certainly helps to preserve your peace of mind and can be a huge aid if anything should happen. Certain coverage options may even help if your RV should break down unexpectedly roadside and you require a temporary replacement to keep your vacation going (more or less) smoothly.

This is where RecProtect shines. With RecProtect, you can get a free RV insurance quote in BC in under 60 seconds, and you have the option to Buy It, Insure It, and Enjoy It immediately. Get out on your latest camping endeavour with peace of mind that your assets are protected.