Why Are Only Certain RV Insurance Coverages Mandated in Ontario?

Why Are Only Certain RV Insurance Coverages Mandated in Ontario?

 When you’re purchasing RV insurance in Ontario for the first time, whether that’s because you’re planning to close on a new recreational vehicle or because you’re in the midst of shopping for one, note that not all RV insurance coverages are created equal. They provide different protections, come with different price tags, and, of course, some may be mandatory to carry in order to use your recreational trailer.

Why is that? In the province of Ontario, the OHTA (Ontario Highway Traffic Act) requires all motorists to carry auto insurance. Note that this means coverage is only mandatory for vehicles driven on public roads – i.e., motorhomes and travel trailers. For recreational vehicles that are being towed or hitched up to another vehicle, the matter is different entirely. Coverage isn’t mandated, but it’s highly recommended. Why? Because if you cause any damages to another party or to their property or accidental bodily injury, you’d be left on the hook for those costs without insurance. Something as simple as a slip-and-fall could put you out thousands of dollars.

In this blog post, we’ll examine mandatory coverage options for travel trailers and motorhomes – but why you should still consider them for towed RVs as a necessity for your next camping trip.

What coverage options are available for my RV insurance in Ontario?

Your recreational travel trailer insurance in RV may include a number of different options, all solely depending on the carrier you purchase through and what you choose to include. RVs vary in size, model, type, amenities, etc., so no one RV insurance policy in Ontario is designed the same. Below are some detailed samples of different coverage options for RVs in Ontario, as well as mandated coverages (for self-propelled RVs) and protection that is highly recommended by providers.

Property Insurance for RVs in Ontario

Physical damage coverage, or property insurance for RVs in Ontario, is not mandatory but highly recommended to protect your recreational vehicle against damages due to collision or as a result of other events while your recreational vehicle is not in motion. In Ontario, no matter who caused the accident, your insurer would be supplying the reimbursement for damages incurred as a result of a collision. Comprehensive coverage may also be available for perils such as lightning, windstorms, hail, snow load, fire, and so on.

Property Damage Liability

Typically, some level of property damage liability is mandated in Ontario for travel trailers and motorhomes, as well as the rest of Canada, although minimum amounts may vary. For recreational vehicles that are being towed, this coverage is only recommended – but highly so. Property damage liability covers you for any incurring costs if you are found liable for damages to a third party’s property or to their vehicle. It may also cover you if an event ends up being taken to court.

Bodily Injury Liability

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean that just because you didn’t intend to do it that it wasn’t your responsibility. If you are held responsible for causing someone’s bodily injury due to the operations of your recreational vehicle, this portion of your liability coverage may be able to do some good. It can help to cover the overall costs of the injured party’s medical bills and even a portion of their loss of income.

Of the above, only the liability portions may be mandatory for travel trailers and motorhomes, but that doesn’t mean that other coverage options which are not required won’t be a huge benefit to your overall Ontario RV insurance package. Here are some endorsement options that you may find to be of help:

Emergency Roadside

Emergency roadside is a great one to have if you’re an avid RVer. Again, it’s not mandatory, but highly recommended if you’re one who enjoys camping and doesn’t want any unexpected hiccups. Emergency roadside assistance may help out if you’re stopped on the side of the road due to a malfunction and can cover the expenses you need to get going again, including tire changes, additional fuel, and jumpstarts.

Why purchase RV insurance in Ontario if it isn’t mandatory?

Because the costs it could take to fully repair your RV, replace it, or help you out in the event you are required to pay off a liability claim – such as if you cause damage to someone else’s property or injure them. A lawsuit as a result of a liability claim could range into the tens of thousands of dollars. Would you be comfortable paying that amount up-front?

Auto insurance is mandatory for vehicles that are self-propelled, but to better protect your investment in your recreational vehicle that is not self-propelled, it’s a good idea to design a comprehensive policy to preserve you and your family’s peace of mind. Note that there are different options available, different levels of coverage, and endorsements to supplement your existing coverage if you have special circumstances where you require certain coverage.


Insuring RVs in Ontario that are not self-propelled is technically not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended – and for good reason. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with what’s on the line. With RecProtect, you can get a quote in as little as 60 seconds for your recreational vehicle insurance in Ontario. You have the option to Buy It, Insure It, and Enjoy It immediately!